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I’m so comfortable here.

I have bruises, skinned knuckles, scrapes, and muscle pain like you wouldn’t believe, but the stuff I need to live is here.

The rest of the stuff is in the garage, and I’ll pick it up next week.


And then, all of a sudden…

So, on Super Bowl Sunday, I was with Kevin on our way to a “party” (consisting of people sitting around and smoking, eating pizza, and passing around a 5-week-old baby…yes, SMOKING around a baby), and I got a call from my stepmom.

She basically told me that moving out ASAP would be greeeeeeat, thanks.

In […]

Today was AWESOME. /sarcasm

So, first, I don’t get to sleep until well after 9:30am “today” (as in, Saturday morning). That SUCKED. I mean, really.

It’s because I’m worried about my appointment in two weeks. I know that much. Also, I’ve had to deal with some family drama, as usual.

I was awakened at god-only-knows what time later on […]

New Link Category to the Left – Lymies

Carrie and Michael are friends of mine who also suffer from Lyme disease…both have suffered far longer than I, and in talking to Carrie, it was decided that a special category should be made on our blogrolls.

So there it is. Go read.

So it turns out I have Lyme…?

I got my blood test results in the mail yesterday.

Rather than doing a quantitative (i.e. numbers with a “normal” range to compare them to) test, my doctor chose a qualitative (i.e. “reactive” or “non-reactive”) test.

Those tests are NOTORIOUS for being horrible at diagnosing Lyme, and the lab they sent the sample to is […]

So, here’s some pretty big news.

Okay, before I start this story, and because this information is relevent to the story, I have an announcement to make:

I am bi-sexual (some of you already know this), and I’m polyamorous (I don’t think anyone except like, one reader knows this). Those are two titles I’ve carried for more than half of my […]