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I’m calling you out, Wasband

In case anyone comes across this entry later than it was made (which was over two years ago), I have a couple of changes I’d like to make (as of May 19, 1013):

1. His father no longer has my sympathy. I will not go into details about it, but apparently he’s become part of […]

Uh, yeah, so about that…

After making that post last night, I was kind of despondent.

I had a minor emotional breakdown, then had seizures for an unknown period of time (20 minutes? there were breaks in between, and Forrest was monitoring me), and then had insomnia so badly I couldn’t get to sleep until around 10am today.

I woke […]

Short letters that will update you on my life.

Dear Sophie,

I’m sorry your stomach seems to be distressed due to your recent move back down to Memphis. And I’m VERY sorry I have an intimate knowledge of what your butthole looks like, due to having to make sure it was just red and not, in fact, bleeding. I’m sorry, as well, that I […]

I owe y’all an update on job stuff…sorry.

I went to the accounting interview last Thursday, and was told they’d have an answer for me by Monday. Since I’d REALLY like to have a “real” job, rather than selling knives and stuff (the more I think about it, yes, the more I like the idea, but the more complications I can see), I […]

A twist in the employment plot! I love those.

A friend messaged me to let me know that a place was looking for someone to do accounting with them, and that they would train the person. I called the number today, and I have an interview tomorrow morning at 11.

My training at CutCo starts at 1pm.

If the pay for the accounting job […]

So this is pretty much what I hate about Memphis.

The Memphis Animal Shelter got into trouble recently for basically being a scuddy hole that just happened to have animals in it.

The animals weren’t cared for, the facilities were disgusting, and in the dead heat of summer, there was no shade and inadequate water for the outside dogs. In the winter? No shelter of […]

oh sweet jesus i have a job thank god

At around 5am, I was still up, and I saw a blip in Careerbuilder about a “summer job for students” that would pay $15 an hour, and could be either part-time or full-time. I saw it was with marketing, which wasn’t my first choice, but I’d be stupid not to apply, right?

So I did…and […]

Possible business venture?

I posted this on Facebook last night:

TMI ALERT: So now that the antibiotics and anti-fungals are out of the picture, my armpits have developed a life of their own. I shower, using hibiclens, and an hour later they smell like spicy, pungent, poisonous death. WTF? Am I now the home to some new biological […]

News, and New Donation Button

ETA: I KNOW HOW BAD THIS LOOKS. If you feel the need to leave a derogatory comment, just leave the way you came. Unfriend me on Facebook, take me off of your feed reader, take me off of your blogroll – I don’t give a shit any more. Which is why I’m posting this. My […]

1999 – ages 15-16

Christina requested this year, and I don’t even have a Livejournal to go on, or a written record of any kind, because my paper journals from the period are in boxes in a storage unit 20 minutes away, so this may be shorter, or may be longer, depending on how well I can remember what’s […]