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R.I.P., Mr. Ratterson.

Johnny Walker Jagermeister Wild Turkey Hood-Rat [Burgette] was euthanized this morning at approximately 10:30.

He began to become lethargic a couple of days ago, not doing his usual song and dance for treats. By 6:30pm yesterday, he hadn’t eaten any food for a day, and he was gasping for air. Forrest and I spent the […]

Old Photos – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

My mom sent me an email with a metric ton of photos in it. I posted most of them on Facebook, already, but I know not everyone who reads this is on Facebook, or my “friend” over there (I’m totally fine with that, for several reasons), so I’m going to post a few of them […]

This? Is partly why I don’t drink any more.

Do you see the person in the blue shirt, grinding with all her might?

You know, the redhead?

Yeah…that would be me, age 23, at basically the only college party I ever attended.

The gal holding my waist, and the gal in the rainbow-striped shirt, are both from Ireland, and were visiting through the…get […]

My new diet kind of blows.

So I’m basically finishing the rest of the cheese in the house, because Forrest can’t eat it. Other than that, and my “cheat” day (which is pretty much going to be on Sundays), I’m nearly completely on my new diet.

Oh…but I’m still drinking my OJ/Sprite Zero dilute for my B12 infusion, until I find […]

And so now I have to try to get creative with titles, again.

I’ve been tutoring a couple of people for extra cash these past couple of weeks.

This week, I made enough to pay for my storage unit for the month. As an aside, I totally forgot about it until like, today, 2 days after the bill was due. So I’m going to have to call and […]

Going to try something new/old.

I used to just make a blog post on a single topic when it crossed my mind.

Somehow, I’ve gone from that to making EPIC posts every few days, weeks, or whatever, and including all this information…meaning most people probably don’t get through to the end.

The reason for it is because once I start […]

Going to the doctor, now, we’re gonna get harried…

Monday was ridiculous.

The stupid secretary had me down as a PHONE consult, so when I arrived (even after confirming my visit as, you know, PHYSICAL), everyone was all pissed off because it meant they had to stay there longer.

Anyway, here’s the biz:

My doc is impressed that I managed to get off of […]

MOAR updates.

Sorry to have left things on such a doom and gloom note.

They still pretty much suck, but there ARE a couple of good (if not only decent) things on the horizon for Yours Truly, so I figured I’d share them.



First, I have a confirmed tutoring job with an ESL student, […]