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Med update!

I’m back on Nystatin. 1,000,000 units TID. Yeah, I’m serious.

I’m going on the EXTREME paleo diet (meats, eggs, and veggies that I normally wouldn’t eat…which means that I’m basically going to be eating meat and playing with my veggies, because there’s a REASON I don’t eat those veggies) for about a week, then eating […]

Shit…16 days? Is that some kind of record for me being quiet when there’s so much going on?

Uh, so this blog’s still here. Heh.

The problem is that I’ve been either so busy or so tired that I haven’t been able to take the time to make a post. I’ve just been using FB and Google+ to write random updates.

This might seem nonsensical. I apologize in advance. I’m exhausted, and my […]


ETA: I’ve listened to this twice, and I won’t listen to it again. Every time I do, I notice something else I want to “fix” – this is, incidentally, why I’m scared shitless to be recording some songs, and why this video was my 5th take. Too hard on myself? Probably. I’m just going to […]

Happy Independence Day!

I will be staying indoors, because it’s cooler in here, and will generally be lazing around while folks do stupid things like aim Roman candles at each other elsewhere in my neighborhood.

I might get crazy and post myself singing the National Anthem later today. YOU NEVER KNOW.

Things suck right now, but just remember […]

I’m a parody songwriter now. PH33R M3.

…or not.

I was talking to a male friend on Facebook via messages about our respective profile photos (at the time, both of ours were from when we were 13, and we’re about the same age, so we compared awkward moments in dating at the time, etc.), and somehow we got on the subject of […]

So much for frequent, short posts. This one’s ALLLLLL medical. And it DOES have some good stuff.

How about a shotgun approach, instead?

The doctor’s office that put me on my current pain medication regimen has decided that I am a drug seeker, because I am seeing a holistic Lyme specialist. My Lyme specialist can write prescriptions, but prefers not to for narcotics. Thus, I see my regular doctor for those refills. […]