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Is this absolutely terrible of me?

Before you read this, I want to say that if you’re with family and friends and are enjoying yourselves, for God’s sake, don’t let me ruin your good time. Do what you want, and what makes you happy. This is just my personal opinion based on my personal experiences. Eat the hell out of some […]

I really should get in the habit of updating more often.

That thing on my leg is exhibiting weirder and weirder signs of definitely NOT being MRSA…but exhibiting signs of nothing I’ve ever seen or heard of, nor can find information about on EBSCO. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll see what the hell is going on with THAT little mess.

Uh, I’m […]

Possibly a silly thing to worry about…possibly not…

I have what I now believe to be a recurring bruise (in color, only) on my upper, inner right thigh.

It’s nearly perfectly round, perhaps 1/2″ in diameter, and doesn’t hurt when I press on it. It is, however, slightly raised, and when I run my finger over it, I can feel things “shifting” under […]

Closing a few story lines.

Re: Hatfield & Associates:

So that chick who worked with me? That I figured was going to get fired the Monday after I did? They waited until the following Wednesday (October 26th, for those playing at home…while I was fired on the 21st) to fire her.

I don’t just have a theory about this, I […]

I am awesome at procrastinating.

My tags expired in September.

I got my vehicle inspected in early October.

I failed the inspection, because I needed an oil change.

Between that time and now, I was fired from my job, got sick, sang at a benefit, got sick again, had tutoring students cancel on me enough to put a dent in […]

MOAR music.

I’m posting the one…you can follow the link to the rest (“Reddie McDeadeye” is how I was listed on the roster of an event at which I recently sang, so…yeah.)

For TD, because he’s the one who introduced me to the song. And also because I hope to see him soon. Hell or High Water […]