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And now for the life update.

…because why do people come here? I honestly don’t know, but the train wreck of my life has to be part of it.

My car’s pretty much done as a reliable vehicle. It still runs, but there are some electrical and transmission issues that I can’t afford to fix, so I’m looking to get another […]

So. The NRA Convention.

I’m signed up to attend as a member of the press, I have family in St. Louis, with whom I’ll be staying, and Forrest renewed his NRA membership in anticipation of coming with me, since he’s never been to a convention, and needs a vacation, anyway. :-)

I should be able to attend, but it […]

Back to “professional singer” status, y’all. LEGIT.

I sang my first paid gig in several years last Friday night, on the 3rd.

Here’s a photo of myself and my accompanist/friend, Jason, performing “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead (I only know this because it’s the only song I have to sit down for, because it requires diaphragm support without a lot of volume):


“Oh, good. Something new and exciting.”

So I’m taking (or re-taking, rather, seeing as how things turned out last time) a class online, and I’ve decided that online graduate school classes are complete and utter shit. I’ve been kind of ambivalent about making the call, because circumstances change, etc., and there are some things that are just subjective, but no. My […]