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Gun Blog Black List

Haunting melody.

MattG (through Rabbit) posted the following video, with the instructions to just let it play in the background while you did your web-surfing for the next 9 minutes (that’s how long the song is):

The first image that comes up with you hit “play” is of the Wall of Death at Auschwitz. It’s an […]

Also, my brain is consistent…scarily so.

I took the practice Praxis I at the beginning of the month, when I was stoned on hydrocodone because of cramps, lounging in bed with a heating pad, listening to music on headphones, and generally just fucking around. I got a combined percentage of 92% on all testable sections.

“Good enough,” I thought, considering that […]

Adventures in price-gouging.

Okay, so long lead-in short, I have to buy at least one new tire, probably two, since I had a flat and a sorta-flat tire yesterday evening. The flat is in the trunk, with a donut in its place, and the sorta-flat has been filled, and we’re assuming it’s due to me parking the car […]

If I wanted America to fail…

(h/t Alan)

That last line is the kicker.

It’s true. All of it.

If you don’t think so, you’re not thinking.

Just kidding! No job for you!

I just got a (very polite) email stating that due to some issues with numbers and whatnot, I will NOT be working at the range at this time.

They’re keeping me in mind for future positions, but they can’t hire anyone new at the moment.

Well, at least I have my babysitting and tutoring, right? […]

It’s kind of sad

…when you don’t feel like taking a shower because your boobs hurt.

[I know most of my readers just saw the word “boobs” and tuned the rest out. That’s cool, whatevs.]

On cosplay, the female “ideal,” and being a douche.

TX Fellowship emailed me to ask me to reblog a post he recently made regarding a Black Widow cosplay fiasco.

Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

Male-run site (um, hello, the name is “guyism”) posts photos of “sub-par” Black Widow cosplay costumes, making fun of each photo in a demeaning way, either sexually or in […]

Fugly? Functional.

Dennis of Dragon Leatherworks spoke with me about reviewing one of his holsters, the so-called “Fugly,” just as soon as I was able to ascertain which carry gun I would be testing with it.

I am REALLY looking forward to it, as I’ve had nothing but bad luck with holsters in the 5 years since […]

Also, I kind of love aspects of Memphis media.

Sure, they have their faults (most main-stream media outlets do), but The Main Street Journal is a catch-all conglomeration of all corners of the internet ’round these parts, and they’ve featured my blog posts several times without hyperbole. They tell it like it is (*gasp* – I know, right?), and will link to folks they […]

It’s like having a bunch of big brothers!

Uncle, Linoge, GreyLocke, and several others (by way of comments) have stepped up and written about (or linked to) the mikeb302000 and jadegold incident.

I. Love. It.

Here are two people who are inherently WRONG, with weak arguments, attacking someone who’s sick just because she happens to have a carry permit (which I’m renewing this […]