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Informal, non-scientific poll (group participation requested – please share this!) about autoimmune disorders and skin involvement.

Okay, so as part of my illness (I assume it’s part of my illness because it didn’t start until I got sick) is that my index fingers, thumbs, and sometimes middle fingers always get deep blisters on them at seemingly random times. They used to correspond to my cycle, but now they’re just popping up […]

Site renewed.

Maybe one of these days I’ll start blogging more frequently, again, but considering that the cost for a 1-year renewal of my domain and WhoIs confirmation isn’t all that much, I figured I’d go ahead and do it.

We’ll see if anyone regrets it over the next 12 months. :-P

Feeling somewhat accomplished, today.

Monday, I was slightly out-of-commission due to being freakin’ tired as all hell, but in light of all of the stress-related problems I’ve been having, I decided to take advantage of having my damned laptop right in front of me to send some emails to former professors asking for recommendation letters for grad school, which […]

“Quickie” update.

My doc says my migraines are “interesting.”

Short list of why:

1. They only occasionally include vertigo.

2. They only occasionally include nausea.

3. Caffeine use is like throwing a pebble at a male hippo when you’re swimming naked in the middle of his river (i.e. he may stop and consider you for a minute, […]


I’ve had an off/on migraine for like, 2 weeks. Also having psychogenic seizures (i.e. not epilepsy). Going to doctor Wednesday. Luck, please.

(Was it good for you?)



-I FINALLY sold that POS Mercedes last night! I got cash for it, the guy drove it away, and I’ve blocked his phone number and email address, so he can’t try to get a refund. :-P (I’m kidding…sort of. The money’s spent on bills, already.)

-So I’m babysitting, and this girl is adorable, but she […]