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R.I.P., Dammit

rip dammit

To those who commented, donated, prayed, texted, IM’d, messaged, called, emailed, and showed support in various ways, I thank you.

Forrest and I made it up here around 10am. Dammit was hiding under my mom’s bed, and his meow sounded…wrong. It’s hard to describe. I managed to get him out to hold him, and […]

Dammit is in his final days.

Asking for help, one last time:

It’s pretty certain that Dammit isn’t going to recover, at this point. He’s crashed, after a few days of ups and downs, and we’re leaving as soon as possible (without skipping work, with neither of us can do, tomorrow) for St. Louis…either really late tomorrow night or really early […]

Oh, life.

So I haven’t posted about this because I’ve been caught up with my cat, the death of a fellow opera singer, my nephew (who’s reached the age where farts are just the most spectacularly funny things, ever), and the usual crap, but a little over a week ago, I found out where my rapist works, […]

Also, I made a tee shirt for Lyme Disease support.

If you’re so inclined, please buy one. Proceeds (i.e. my royalties, which are 10% of each sale…$2, at least, per shirt sold) will go to to help with continued research and awareness.

Here’s the direct link to the product on

I thought of the slogan on the front myself. I’m sure someone else […]

Dammit Update

After scaring the shit out of both my mother and myself (vicariously, since I’m not there), Dammit appears to be more comfortable.

He’s receiving 180cc of subcutaneous fluids at a time (he gets man-boobs for a couple of hours, afterward, which I find hilarious), is on Pepcid to try to calm his stomach so he […]

Shameless bleg on behalf of my cat’s comfort.

**I’ve been informed that the link below doesn’t work. I tried it myself, and it appears to just be borked. However, the link to the left still works, as far as I know, and if you want to make a donation via PayPal without clicking links, just go to the site and enter as […]

What a maroon!

I get all twitchy and fan-girly when famous people I’m “friends” with on Facebook actually write on my wall (or send me messages) and have a rapport with me.

This started on MySpace, when a musician called Svoy (YouTube video at link, because he’s awesome acoustically, and I will probably piss myself if I see […]


A couple of things:

I have a job interview tomorrow for a non-profit organization that helps the disabled. It’s 4 days per week, office work, and has amazing benefits. While I’m scared of the potential stress, I’m hoping that it goes well and that I can begin being able to afford things like fixing my […]

I don’t have much NEWs, but I have stuff to type. So HAVE SOME WORD VOMIT. BLEARGH.

First order of business:

I’m very, very sorry I downloaded “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” through a Humble Bundle set, but oh, how hilarious it is to watch reaction videos (I know, I’m only a year and a half late to the party – “Oh, shit! I have a bag of Milky Ways!” *disturbing screenshot and […]

Amused, and also somewhat embarrassed.

Main Street Journal decided to link to this post, most recently, wherein I discuss, at great length, my cervix.

I swear, this blog started out as more than a reference to my bodily functions. No, really. I’ve unlocked the archives and everything. :-P