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Grad school stuff. Exciting!

Tonight was orientation for the MAT program.

First, I wandered into the wrong room (along with half of the other folks who are aiming for MATs…we overheard room 117, so that’s where we went, but it turns out those were M.Ed’s who were asking…whoops…), but we got that straightened out, and began our discussion with […]

Blech of the week.

I went to the doctor, and I’m back on a pretty ridiculous dose of lortab due to the fact that my periods have suddenly decided to last for two weeks, cramping all the while.


In slightly-hilarious news, while speaking with my doctor about the issue, I said, “You know, as soon as I have […]

Oh, and also…

…I got my official acceptance email yesterday (Monday, basically) from the head of the Education Department letting me know that orientation is this coming Monday night for the MAT students.

So hopefully I get that grant, so I can actually pay for it.

Hooray for brick-n-mortar schooling at a place I’m familiar with, and with […]

Adventures in Babysitting

Several days ago, my babysitting charge (Bean is her nickname, so she will henceforth be known by that moniker here and elsewhere) apparently got into the cat food and proceeded to eat it like popcorn. I wasn’t there, so I’m not sure what happened, only that she apparently ate enough to screw her stomach up […]

Gun Rights Policy Conference

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Click the banner for more information!

How things have changed in 5 years…

I started this blog over on Blogger/Blogspot because of the Virginia Tech shooting. At the time, I was poring over articles, skimming some, thoroughly reading others, and I couldn’t get enough information. It was like this compulsion to have all of the answers possible.

Now, in Aurora, CO, there are 12 families who’ve lost loved […]

Acceptance, and a weird kind of pressure.

So I’ve been unofficially accepted into the MAT program at CBU here in Memphis.

I sent in all of my application materials, had my letters of recommendation, transcripts, and essays submitted last week (I may be missing one for the BASE-TN grant, but I can find someone else to write one for me, if necessary), […]


I talk with my hands and with facial expressions a lot of the time, and decided that, since a lot of the things I want to say can’t be written down very well, I would go ahead and get a YouTube channel with my blog email address and turn it into a vlog of some […]

Echo chamber.

And now comes the time of year where I wonder why I still have this blog.


Everything I want to say is either no one else’s business, or it has the kind of back story that would take more typing than I’m willing to do, and if it’s more than I’m willing to do, […]


Those white shadows on my face

they show the empty space

where once I had a smile.

The sun, it burns a hole

into my little soul

and now I need to rest a while.


“Hello,” you say, “it’s nice to see you,

what’s it been, over a week?

You want a cup of […]