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“Talking to a chair”? Not really.

I just actually watched Clint Eastwood’s “chair” speech. I have a few things to say about it.

(If you haven’t watched it, it’s really awkward, but here’s a link to YouTube.) 1 – He’s an old man, an actor, a respected individual, who was trying to make a joke and play to his audience. He […]

So, according to Arizona…

…every woman who crosses the state line could be pregnant at any time, without knowing it. Seriously…think about it. If she has sex, no matter where she is in her cycle, she’s just risked having a 2-week-old fetus (by the definition of this law) MAGICALLY IMPLANTED into her uterus.

Dear World,

What is it with […]

Adventures in babysitting.

So, this morning, I had sleep paralysis for the first time that I can remember in quite a while. I thought I heard something while I was sprawled on the couch (Bean was napping), and I tried to get up to look, and I felt like I was being held down with weights. The thing […]

Rolling in the Deep – from February

A friend recorded this for me on his iPhone, and just got it to me…it’s nearly the entire song.

Grad school first impressions (WTF, with a silver lining)

Monday night was my first class…Portfolio and Practicum 1. We have three of these…the first one is during the first semester, the second during the third semester, and the final one during the final semester (it’s merely “practicum” – a.k.a. “student teaching”). My second semester is going to be devoted to learning how to teach […]

Frustrations and R.I.P.

Back between my first stint in college and my return to college, when I was having my “wild child” summer, working retail/relay and just focusing on having a good time, I met James.

He was fun, and I had a crush on him, but it wasn’t going to go anywhere, and we both knew it. […]

“Legitimate rape”? Are you kidding me?

Jezebel pretty much covers the snark portion of this situation, so I’ll leave that to them.

You guys want to know why I’m not talking about politics, anywhere?



Yes, “everyone.”

Have you ever heard of “magical thinking”? It’s very […]

Bonnie’s (failed) Drunken Makeup Tutorial!

The video pretty much explains itself, but it didn’t go as planned. I think I did a pretty good job editing it, given that I had two hours of footage to cut down and put together.

Also, keep a look out for the end. It’s like a jump scare in a horror game. :-P


Plans for the blog, and website as a whole.

I’m going to be doing a re-design of the site, soon.

First, keeps basically black-balling me from logging in effectively, meaning I can’t post my pet articles there, and am losing money and privileges left and right. It’s a technical issue with my account, and customer service has been able to help each time, […]

Vlog #2 – Adventures in Babysitting