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Update, shotgun-style!

Sophie is doing much better. She’s actually gained 1.5 pounds, and is now a normal, healthy 8 pounds. Her foot is healing nicely. I have mono, for the third time in my life. The doc didn’t even draw blood, they were just like, “Um, yeah…that’s Epstein-Barr…” So I’m a freak of nature! WHEE!! I’m […]

My cats and their toes.

Sophie, as you may recall, is staying in the other bedroom with Forrest right now, since she likes to climb all over my head while I’m sleeping, and I have enough trouble with sleep as it is. She’s been thriving in the other room, as it’s smaller, has more places to hide, and her food […]

Big news!

As of this month, Forrest and I are in a domestic partnership.

“Wha…?” = The sound I know a few of you just made.

1. I don’t want to get married again, any time soon. Forrest is okay with this.

2. I also don’t plan on my relationship with Forrest ending any time soon. Again, […]

Glitches, bitches.

Random posts are making themselves private on my blog, and I don’t know why.

I only noticed because the post I made about Tam did so, this morning. WTF?

I’m going to try to get it sorted – with everything else going wrong with other websites I use regularly for school and whatnot, I am […]

Oh, look. A rant about the election. I stooped…but not to the point you may think.