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Call into Squirrel Report…

…call everyone fucking retards.

My work here is done.

(Note:  I did not call the hosts ‘fucking retards’.  I called EVERYONE ‘fucking retards’.)

That’s my update for the time being.  Yay.

Morbid curiosity + twisted sense of humor = therapy.

I have two external hard drives.  On one, there is basically a history of my time since I began using the internet, continuing until I got divorced.  On the other is my history since then.  The first one is substantially more full, but only because there’s much more music on it, and so much less [...]

Call and response.

Someone who used to be a very dear friend of mine posted the following in a public forum, this morning (I broke it up because it was a giant wall of text…I guess for impact purposes):

Last night I was down in the city with my fiance and his mother and stepdad, who are visiting [...]