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I predict disaster. You know, worse than what’s already happened.

The Treasury Department apparently thinks it’s an awesome idea to give the Federal Reserve even more power over the nation’s finances than it already has.

Here’s a number for you:  $9,415,423,747,472.04.  That’s the current National Debt, which is increasing at an average of 1.66 BILLION dollars per day, or has been since September 2006.

Somehow I think the gub’mint has proven their overall ineptitude with money.

No, I don’t have any great answers, but I do feel that what we’re doing isn’t working, and giving this organization even more power would just make things accelerate in the wrong direction.

3 comments to I predict disaster. You know, worse than what’s already happened.

  • I think they’ve amply demonstrated they can’t handle that kind of responsibility, and therefore should not be given any more money.

  • Mark@C

    Given? The government isn’t ‘given’ money. The government creates money – or more properly, creates debt – and then extorts it from citizens and companies, at gunpoint if neccessary, but most usually through the threat of forfeiture of real assets. If the government depended on our goodwill for funding, they’d have a heck of a lot less pork to plow through.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Mark, your rage is showing. Calm down, buddy. :-)