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I know I’m not stupid, and even though sometimes when numbers are tossed around I find myself zoning out, I can usually make sense of the general gist of what the numbers mean.

However, I just cannot make my brain comprehend the density of the last comment on this post (the one about unions).

In the interest of brevity, I’ll post it, and the comment I think it was in response to.

Weer’d Beard said this [sic]:

I can see a point in Unions when they were 100% run by voulenteers on the workforce, and before we had OSHA and other worker protection laws.

Now we have predatory Union managers as you mentioned above, and workers using organized crime rackets to inflate their wadges beyond market value (You have a nice production line here….it would be a shame if somthing were to happenen to it…)

In the end our jobs get shipped offshore to India and China et al, where there are no Unions, or worker protection laws. Those workers get exploited, the product gets made, and the Union labor collectivly stands in the unemployment line that is paied for by us Non Union workers. **Joy!**

Then Jerr Maynard said this [sic]:

Wow I didn’t know that the unions were responsible for making all of our jobs go away. Maybe you are uneducated as to the real reasons jobs are being shipped overseas. (Goldman Sachs) reported that since 2001 400,000 to 600,000 professional services and information technology jobs were moved overseas niether of which are traditionally union. It has also been reported that 100,000 software producing jobs have moved to India between 2000 and 2004 <- non-union. The big three is taking it in the shorts from mis-management.When Toyota started making compact fuel efficient cars during the gas shortages here and they grabbed a higher percentage of the market share. The big three didn’t quite get it and kept pumping out large gas guzzling cars and trucks. As little as 4 years ago Ford posted a profit of $3.5 Bilion dollars all while paying union wages, go figure. A publication by the Economic Policy Institute in August of 2003(EPI Briefing Paper # 143) states that unions raise wages for union workers by roughly 20% . You are 18-20% more likely to have health coverage if you are a union worker and 23 – 54% more like to have an employer provided pension plan. Union workers receive 26% more vacation time than non-union. Unions brought you the 40 hour work week, the 8 hour work day child labor laws to name a few many union members were killed or maimed fighting for these basic rights we now enjoy. I am a proud United Steelworker, I work for U.S. Steel which has been union since 1941 they’ve been hit with downsizing to stay profitable not from paying union wages but from countries dumping steel here, if we ever see a time when there is fair trade our jobs will be secure, until then union or not there is no job security.


Secondly, a 40-hour work week and 8-hour-day are not rights.  And I think Weer’d Beard addressed all that schmutz about how Unions were a good idea WAY BACK WHEN that stuff was decided to be good for the workers (shorter work day, shorter work week, etc…viewing workers as people rather than easily-replaced machines).

I think what we have here is someone who saw one aspect of the post or one of the comments, and got their knickers in a twist before doing any critical thinking about what was actually being said.  Hey, I’ve been there, done that.  But I do it with better grammar.  Come to think of it, that’s why I’m having trouble with this comment – it makes sense if you take 20 minutes to go through it slowly, correcting the grammar and usage so that it’s easily read (even if the meaning that comes out is a little convoluted), but who has time for that?

Actually, I don’t even really have the time to be snarky or continue this post.  But you guys can continue this in comments, yes?  Go for it.

2 comments to …buh?

  • Joat

    Right now I work a four day week, a few years ago I was working a 3 day week 36 hours, with full time pay and benefits. When I was working the 3 day week if I worked more than 36 hours I got time and a half, after 48 hours I got double time holidays I got double time plus 12 hours of holiday pay. If I joined a union would I have to work 5 days a week? More than 40 hours to get overtime?
    I have never worked union and I never will I like being judged on my abilities not just how long I have been at a job.

  • Thanks for reposting my comment, and sorry about my horrible spelling.

    Always nice to be reading a journal and see your name pop up totally by suprise.

    BTW this is the first job I’ve had since Highschool where I was given a lunch break. Up untill a few years ago it was “Eat when you can”. Also my old job was on fishing boats where the living conditions were saturated by cigarette smoke, the job was dangerous, and the days were LONG. In the end it was a good job and I worked it because I wanted to, and I found a different job when I was sick of it.

    Freedom, its Delicious!