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So after a few days of writing long, drawn-out posts about STUFF, actual STUFF, my muse has run away to, I dunno, dance in the rain or something.

Speaking of the rain, there’s another leak in my roof/ceiling.  Supposedly, my landlord is coming over to look at it today.  We’ll see.

Someone wasn’t entirely honest about the condition of the house before we rented, though, that’s for damned sure.

Long day at school today.  May not feel like posting later.  Lots to do, and less time to do it in.

3 comments to Wah.

  • You want to feel better instantly?

    Tell yourself that it’s a rented place, and at least you didn’t blow a hundred and ninety grand on a place with a leaky roof.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    No doubt – I thought of you when it started. “At least it’s not an entire room, just part of the downstairs…and it’s in a spot that’s easy to fix and manage…” My landlord may be somewhat unreliable, but I at least have a contract that says he’s obligated to fix whatever goes wrong here, so I can get him with that if he refuses.

  • At least you have a muse; mine ran away and joined the circus…