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Did I REALLY do that? Huh.

Rachel Lucas posted today regarding her absolute and utter giddiness that Dr. Helen mentioned her in a blog post favorably.

They both asked the question (paraphrased, of course):  “Do you have a blogger you admire?  Why?”

I can’t really answer that question, because there are a lot of them, and they’re admired for different reasons, but this DID remind me of something I did when I first started blogging.

I had no idea what I was doing.  I had been reading a few blogs…I think I started out at Crystal’s, went over to AD’s and Babs’s for some reason, then got into LawDog and Tam, and it was a snowball from there – since that point, I’ve been keeping up with upwards of 100 blogs, and they’re all on my list for a reason.

I decided pretty early on that I wanted to take my old Blogger account and turn it into something new – something that people might actually want to READ, as opposed to my Livejournal, which was filled with prattle about how emo my life was and OMIGOD that boy smiled at me do you think it means anything?  HAI GUYS I’m going back to school!  I hate my job!  Woo!  Basically, my Livejournal was (and is, a lot of the time, even now) filled with crap.  I didn’t want whatever public blog I had to be filled with crap.

I started blogging right after the Virginia Tech shooting.  That was my catalyst, and to read back on some of the things I wrote, I can’t believe that sort of thing came out of me.  It’s kind of what I’d imagine it feels like to look at your 18-year-old child who’s 5’8″ and weighs 160 pounds and realize that, at some point, that person was small enough to have actually passed through your, um, “love canal”.

I was SO SERIOUS.  SEERIUS BIZNESS, blogging is, yes?

Well, look at the list above.  Those people were my model and inspiration.  I didn’t think I could pull of the LOL humor that AD sometimes comes up with.  I’m not as eloquent as LawDog, and my snark-o-meter has some fine-tuning before it even comes close to Tam’s level.  Babs has stopped blogging to concentrate on her life and her family, and thus has taken down most of her blog, save a few posts, but the level of HEART in that woman is amazing.  Uncle keeps up with EVERYTHING, holy crap.  I hoped to be like them someday.  I mean, you have to admit, it’s a pretty lofty goal.

Here’s what I did that absolutely amazes and embarrasses me, to this day:  I went to their blogs, and I left comments saying, essentially, “Hi!  I love you!  Pimp my new blog, plskthxbye!”


Here’s the awesome part:  they did.  (Do any of you remember that?)

I mean, that’s just…awesome.  I had the gall to basically tell them to link to me because I was new, they did it, and it worked out okay.  For only having been blogging a year (my blogiversary is coming up in a couple of weeks), to have over 30K hits isn’t bad at all.

And I have them (and everyone else who’s ever linked to me or mentioned me or commented or visited, etc, etc) to thank.

So I suppose that my admiration – the folks who are big bloggers, but are still people, and realize that.  I don’t think Perez Hilton would exactly go out of his way to give me linky love, do you?  Well, actually, I’m not sure I’d want a link from him…but whatever.  You get my point.

5 comments to Did I REALLY do that? Huh.

  • I’m pretty free with the linky love.

    I’m a lot choosier, however, about the Blogs I Read Every Day. Gotta have consistently good stuff to be placed up there.

    And that’s what your blog is, consistently good stuff. Even when it’s inane emo prattle, it’s still well-written and interesting.

    TD’s a lucky guy. ;)

  • No, Perez isn’t exactly a linky lover, is he? I’m a big fan of your blog. You go girl! BTW, have you changed the hair any or is it still the same?

  • I’ve found at least half the blogs on my blogroll, including ones I read every day, through my own comment section — often, as with you, even if they don’t even ask to have their site checked out.

    I would post this on my own blog but I already have too many to read and don’t need more, but the truth is, if someone comes to a blog like mine and leaves really good comments, I will 100% of the time click on their name if they have a URL highlighting it. That’s how I found your blog; I liked your comments.

    I started out the same way you did, too. Just sent out a couple of emails, one to Instapundit and one to John Hawkins, asked them to give me a link, and both of them did so that very day (this was long long ago when there were about 0.00001% as many blogs in existence as there are now; it was a lot easier). Point is, you’re right, if you just ask, you will often get a good response if your blog is good enough, as yours is.

    P.S. I freakin’ hate Perez Hilton.

  • Tam

    Yes, but I wouldn’t have pimped it if it was teh suxx0rz. :)

  • Squeaky Wheel

    AD – Well, see, NOW I know that, but I didn’t at that point. :-) Aww…well-written and interesting, eh? I’m starting to believe it…haha. TD knows he’s lucky – I’m lucky, too. He’s awesome. You and Babs are lucky, too, to have each other. Great match, that one. ;-)
    kvegas – Haven’t changed the hair yet. It’s fading badly, so I need to make a decision now as to whether I want to continue the color or not. I think I’m going to go with all purple next time on the underside. Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you enjoy reading. :-)
    Rachel – I’m totally having a Sally Field moment right now. When I first saw my blog linked on your page, I was like, YESS! THE INTERNET QUEEN LIKES ME! I totally didn’t know who Instapundit was, or else I would have probably emailed him, too. It might have helped. Now that I’m established, though, it seems like a desperate move to pad my sitemeter. Also, I’d totally say that Perez Hilton could suck my ass, but given his persuasion and personality, he’d probably enjoy it.
    Tam – See above comment about Rachel linking me…lol. You’re one of about 5 people that I’m REALLY looking forward to meeting next month in Kentucky.