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I missed my presentation last Thursday morning, but was able to communicate with my professor and get to school early this morning to show it to her and get her input on it, anyway – since this is my final exam practice, I figured I needed all the help I could get. 

Groveling works, y’all, as long as you do it right.

This weekend was spent intermittently working on the powerpoint, trying to find research to support the proposed study, and trying to find instruments to measure what I wanted to measure in order to give my proposed study credence. 

Well, when I wasn’t writing my other papers and being sick, that is.

Anyway, so I just got done speaking with her about it, and other than one point of clarification (“Why are you using this instrument on moral transgressions judgment?  What does it have to do with this study?”), she said everything looked great, and that she was looking forward to seeing me work on it.

All studies have to be given the go-ahead by the head of research at the school, so I asked her if she thought that mine would get approved, given the fact that it deals with some potentially emotional factors (i.e. students who are overly sensitive could have a breakdown while participating…seriously), and she said there would probably be no problem, because it’s different and theoretical (i.e. original), and as long as I included a warning that my study is dealing with traumatic-situation-recall, there shouldn’t be an issue.

This, after getting a perfect score on my revised teacher evaluation in that class, is renewing my love for psych research.  It’s just getting started that’s the hard part – the rest is just paperwork, and I’ve had enough office jobs to be used to that.  Filing?  Done.  Sorting?  Done.  Summarizing?  Boring, but done.

I’m going to go geek out and sort the demographic information on my evaluations now, while I’m waiting for the honors classroom to empty out.

Squee, yo.

2 comments to Success!

  • Congrats on your presentation. The finals week was always stressful to me. I take it your studying for your doctorate? It sounds like a very interesting field of study. If I were younger might be something I’d change a career for. Psychology has always been a passion of mine, in indirect ways. Right now I’m working on my masters in psychology for counseling. Best of Luck and don’t forget to care for yourself.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Faith – Thank you! I’m actually studying for my bachelor’s degree…I should have gotten it in 2005, but I took some time off. I hope to get into research and/or teaching…eventually I’d like to get my doctorate, but that’s still a ways off, as I have 2 years left of undergraduate study ahead of me. I’ve thought about doing counseling, but I’m too tactless. :-) Good luck to you, too!