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Bill offering “amnesty” to illegal immigrants is killed.

The Boyfriend said that he sent out several emails yesterday, and apparently the phone lines for several senators were completely clogged.

Glad to know that legislators occasionally listen to their constituents.

I hope this sends out a message to the illegals: QUIT MOOCHING!

7 comments to YESSSSS!!!

  • Now, if we could only get the government to enforce the present laws.

  • John McElveen

    I’m not sure which is scarier- that it was actually introduced and NEEDED to be defeated..and that we still haven’t put two armored divisions along that border!!!!


  • Squeaky Wheel

    BobG: Not gonna happen anytime soon, unfortunately. I’m just ecstatic, really, that ONE stupid bill was shot down. It’s a start!

    John: I’m all for sealing the borders at this point. Let people in who want to be in and play by our rules (as dumb as they are right now…”if we have to put up with it, you do, too”), but keep everyone else out. Sound harsh? Oh, well. I’m tired of people not wanting to be mean, thinking that “PC” means “the right thing to do”. Notsomuch.

  • Loving Annie

    This was good news.

  • John McElveen

    You said it much better than I. I just can’t imagine that when they cross-ILLEGALLY- that WE have to give them all the rights and Free medical, entitled to the same people who come through Ellis Island legitimately! (Just an example)

    And we have Natural Born Americans WITHOUT HealthCare or the Money to buy their Blood Pressure medications—sorry- baby Rant Started!!!OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


  • Squeaky Wheel

    Annie: It made me happy. :-)

    John: You don’t have to tell me about things being “unfair” for legitimate citizens vs. what they were offering the illegals…I’m living that particular little nightmare…heh. That’s part of the reason I’m so relieved that the legislation didn’t pass…in addition to “amnesty”, there would have almost certainly been more state-sponsored health care given out to them, and I REFUSE to let my tax dollars go for that cause. I’m eligible for Medicare (on a technicality, in addition to my health needs) and I won’t even use it (based on political and moral beliefs). There’s no way I’m paying for someone else to have a free ride because they refuse to go through the proper order to get those benefits legally. >:-(

  • hammer


    Good news for once.