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Possibly inflammatory post.

First, a note: I don’t often credit the people I get my links from, and I apologize for that. By the time I’m done reading the articles and getting calmed down enough to put my opinions into words, I seriously forget who I get them from. I do get most of them from Say Uncle and The Fall of Humanity, though anyone on my blogroll has a chance of giving me something to bitch about…Uncle and FoH just post so prolifically that they’re hard to ignore on my Google Reader. ;-)

At some point in the future, HIV (and, by association, AIDS) may be curable.

The fact that it’s only a possibility notwithstanding, this is the sort of thing that makes me cringe. I’ve already expressed my displeasure at humans wanting to expand their lives past the point where it’s economically and/or physically viable to do so. If you’re having to spend $5000 a month on prescriptions just so your heart and lungs don’t stop, maybe you need to just finish editing your will and complete the Circle of Life, yeah?

With HIV and AIDS, obviously there are people who didn’t take risks and got it, anyway…blood recipients, for example. However, these incidents just don’t happen that often here in the States. Usually the problem is something like sharing needles, getting a tattoo or piercing at an unclean parlor, and the incredibly boring usual way: unprotected sex with an infected person. If you engage in any of these activities (it’s not THAT hard to research where you get your tattoos done, people – I’ve done it, and I’m inherently lazy when it comes to that sort of thing…and for fuck’s sake, use a condom and a clean needle), I hate to say that you deserve whatever you get…but you know that’s what I’m thinking.

Curing the disease isn’t going to make it go away – it’s just going to make people feel as if they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions.

That’s my only beef with abortion…if you don’t feel you can have a kid, don’t get pregnant. If you choose to use abortion as birth control, you’re a fucking retard. Again, there are very few cases where abortion comes from something like rape (either incestuous or otherwise) or pontential to threaten life by carrying, and I don’t have a problem with those women having to have an abortion.

I also know that trying to limit who can have the procedure would be a NIGHTMARE (as well as against my core belief, which is that you can’t regulate what someone wants to do to themselves…the most you can do is to not encourage it by educating people on how to avoid potentially harmful situations), but that’s the only solution a lot of people have.

Anyway, my point is that people get themselves into a lot of situations because they won’t take responsibility for their actions. And those situations will only get worse if the consequences of those actions are merely cleaned up rather than someone making a valid attempt to prevent them. “God will punish you for it”, and “You’ll make the Baby Jesus cry” (a favorite of a girl I go to school with) aren’t working anymore, folks. The number of people who don’t have a religious belief is on the rise. We have to think of something else besides scare tactics and bans.

How about common sense? How about parents actually teach their kids right from wrong? Why does science always have to clean up the messes that poor parenting and lack of accountability create?

My mom explicitly told me what could happen if I had unprotected sex. I’m naturally paranoid, so I’ve been pretty damned careful about that. As I said earlier, I researched the tattoo parlors I went to (I got most of my piercings at the same locations as the tattoos). I will only allow a medical professional to insert a freshly-unwrapped needle into my arm. I have been known to ask the nurse to unwrap a new needle where I can see if I wasn’t able to observe him/her doing it the first time – they hate me there (also because I’m a really hard stick…my veins are small and squishy), and it’s not like I don’t trust them, but you just don’t know, and I have enough issues nowadays without having to worry about hepatitis and HIV.

If you’re a parent, don’t be afraid to let your kids know exactly what’s up. They’ll roll their eyes at you, they’ll yell at you for prying or for embarrassing them (“Mo-om! Stop! I don’t care!”)…but more often than not, they’ll end up listening to you. The ones that don’t?

Well, I’ll get railed for this one, but that’s just natural selection.

2 comments to Possibly inflammatory post.

  • Loving Annie

    Taking responsibility for your actions seems to be foreign to most people. They prefer to think of themselves as victimes, rather than people who co-operated/co-conspired (?) with the problems they are now facing….

  • Squeaky Wheel

    No doubt!