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Me as a youngin’…

JP tagged me for this one. I am to post a photo of myself as a kid, and then tag some other folks to do the same.

So, without furder ado, I present to you the method by which I got around between crawling and walking:
bonnie baby run

This is ca. 1984-ish. When I didn’t feel like balancing on just my feet (O GOD MY LIFE), I’d do this at home (usually to go up the stairs only after I turned 6 or 7) until I was probably 14 or so. There’s a mental picture for you.

Okay…tagging time…

TD (when you get back, of course), Ambulance Driver, Abby, and BabsRN.

Of course, as always, if you’d like to post a pic of yourself, I won’t argue with you. :-)

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