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on Spam.

Anyone have a way that I can prevent spammers from commenting? They REALLY like my sports bra post…I’ve seriously blocked/deleted/marked 6 or 7 spam comments in the past 12 hours from that one. I want people to be able to register to comment, and I’m already moderating, so I guess there’s not a lot else I can do.

Speaking of the PSA post, I got a google search hit last week from someone searching for “squeaky boobs”. I don’t think I even want to know what they were actually searching for. I’m #9 on the list of results on Google for that, by the way. Probably higher now that I’ve written it again.

Today might be a prolific posting day. I have some photos to go through for a friend’s film project (I’m ALMOST done…down to the home stretch…I might actually be able to get most of it finished today), but when I get tired of staring at Photoshop CS2, I’ll likely want to rant about something. Aren’t you guys lucky?


2 comments to on Spam.

  • Dean Moyer


    I also have a wordpress blog and I shut off comments completely at first just to block the spammers. Weird part was they kept coming like locusts.

    Now I use Akismet and Bad Behavior plug-ins. So far, they catch everything. Bad Behavior is the big dog that’s doing all the work. Akismet just picks up the few that manage to get by BB.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    I activated Akismet a few days ago, and it’s been wonderful. :-) I wouldn’t have known what to look for, but a fellow blogger was like, “Hey. Duh. Use this”, so I did, and now I’m happily spam-free!