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I went to sleep a couple of hours ago (well, “sleep” is a strong term…more accurately, I laid down on my bed, Dammit smacked me in the face a few times with his paws every 15 minutes or so, I had one weird half-dream, and then gave up because I had a headache), and when I got up a little while ago, the right side of my face (presumably where I had it on the pillow) was almost purple, and my right eye is bright red.


I’m going to assume it’s because it’s hot as balls up in my room.  I have replacement parts coming for my air conditioner (my sister borrowed it for 2 years, and of course when I got it back it was broken and wouldn’t fit into the windowsill), and they should be here Monday.  I can’t wait to get them.

Until then, since Jazz doesn’t get up at 6am any more for school, I’m going to start sleeping in the living room (we have a small fold-out bed) until the parts come and I can install the damned thing.

I’m glad I didn’t wander into the vicinity of a few certain other gun bloggers…they’d have pegged me as a zombie and shot me for sure.

3 comments to Ack!

  • What’s so unusual? I thought both your eyes were bright red…. :)

    The purple must be because your skin’s getting too soft from eating all those babies. Time to cut back.

  • Zombie target identification IS sometimes difficult, especially on Monday mornings. That’s why I rely on the gait more than facial characteristics.

    Now if you’re red eyed, purple faced AND walking funny, there might be a problem.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    David – You’re probably right. I’ll eat some kittens for the next few days.
    Alan – Well, it WAS hot in here – I was probably staggering a bit.