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Italian Fest

Tonight was the first night of Italian Festival.

I met a priest who’d just finished seminary – he gets his official title next week.  First priest I’ve talked to for a period of longer than 10 minutes in my life.  We talked about dealing with suicidal folks.

I wandered around and heard the cover band, and they were pretty good.  I realized that if I sing in a band again, I’d like to sing covers.  It sounds stupid, but it’s fun to me.

Then Jerry Lawler walked into the tent where Tex and his friends were set up (a mutual friend of ours was with him), and that was weird.  He was drinking a Diet Coke, and was very cordial.  You’d never guess that he once-upon-a-time cracked Andy Kaufman upside the head.

I have my first day with the suicide prevention research folks tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep.

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