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Do what, now?

Government admin in London suggests that things like history, geography, and science are “middle-class” lessons, and are thus unnecessary in today’s world.

Hold the phone, bitches.  Are you kidding?

Professor John White, who contributed to a controversial shake-up of the secondary curriculum, believes lessons should instead cover a series of personal skills.

Uh.  Really.  That’s interesting.

Do I need to make a crack about “Great” Britain now, or is someone else going to do it for me?

Seriously, though, this is NOT funny.  Taking away an understanding of SOME sort of history (even if you have a skewed idea of how the end of an event occurred, just knowing that the event occurred at all is valuable), SOME sort of geography (because let’s face it, a lot of kids just don’t look at maps if someone doesn’t force them, and thus have no realistic viewpoint of how the world is laid out), and SOME sort of science (self-explainatory) and what you end up with is a bunch of kids who are trained to believe everything these “socially aware” agencies are telling them.

The world is really flat?  Okay.

Greenwich is the time-zone dictator because Britain is at the center of the universe?  Okay.

The United States was formed because Britain kicked out all of the ruffians?  Okay.

The law of gravity is really the theory of intelligent falling?  Okay.

It sounds really simplistic, but think about it:  the majority of youngsters are really not prone to looking things up on their own unless it serves their purposes – this proposed educational policy looks to make sure that it doesn’t serve their purpose to learn anything pertinent that would dispel the teachings of the government in the way of politics, economics, or global climate change.

See the problem?  I do.

This is ridiculous.  They’re trying to raise a country full of pussified, socially-conscious yes-men…otherwise known as pawns, or “sheeple”.  That’s so not cool.

(Thanks to Randy for the link – folks, seriously, add this guy to your reader.  Every day I find more and more snippets of articles I might not have paid attention to, otherwise.)

5 comments to Do what, now?

  • MarkHB

    Squeaky, this has been going on here for ages. The Socialists here have declared open warfare on learning, especially learning that requires numerical ability, analytical thought or the use of tools of logic.

    Here’s a letter from last year, from a physics teacher who quite plainly shows the battle lines:–open-letter-aqa.html

    Long story short, in the guise of “democratising” education – so everyone comes away feeling “validated” rather than people with elitist abilities like “doing sums” and “spelling correctly” getting unfair chances in life, based on aptitude.

    Gonna fix myself another drink now.

  • It’s the media: They feed on controversy.

    If you dig a little deeper:

    “Last night, critics attacked his ideas as “deeply corrosive” and condemned the Government for allowing him to advise on a new curriculum.”

    Tory schools spokesman Nick Gibb said Professor White’s view was “deeply corrosive”. He added: “In the world we are living in, we need people who are better educated, not more poorly educated, more knowledgeable about the world, not less so.

    “This anti-knowledge, anti-subject ideology is deeply damaging to our education system. It is this sort of thinking that has led to the promotion of discredited reading methods, the erosion of three separate sciences and the decline of mathematics skills.

    “I just find it astonishing that someone with his extreme views has been allowed to advise the Government on education policy.”

  • sidhe_demon

    he probably sucked at math, science, geography, etc. because his parents subscribed to that education philosophy.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    MarkHB – I know this, but seeing it like that just makes me sick.
    Less – This is true, but what’s sickening to me is that it’s being brought up as a solution at all by someone in government! You know that if he was elected in, there are some like-minded people out there who probably agree with him and that scares me.
    sidhe_demon – Or he has a small penis. Sorry, was that crass?

  • Gregg

    Sounds like they are trying to recreate serfs. Feudalism was great, wasn’t it?