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Who says teh intarwebs isn’t made up of real people?

Holy shit, you guys.

Since yesterday, my tip jar has been hit no fewer than 10 times.

I’m working on emailing everyone personally, but I’m currently playing phone tag with my car insurance company (figuring out that getting a car today probably isn’t going to happen, but if I can get one HELD for Monday, I’ll be okay with that), so it’ll likely be later this evening or tomorrow morning before I get caught up, with everything else going on around here.

I mentioned to one person how much of a shame it was that the English language doesn’t have many words to express gratitude.¬† I would be using every single one right now, even if there were over 2000 words, because that’s how grateful I am.

I’m getting all emotional again, and I need to not hyperventilate in my insurance agent’s ear (we’ll leave that one alone, yes?), so I’ll just leave it with this:

THANK YOU, a thousand times.

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