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I promise I’ll stop talking about this soon.

I figure that since everyone’s hitting that button to the left, the least I can do is keep them abreast of the situation, right?

I mean, comment if I can go back to being shallow and snarking on people, by all means.  Heh.

Anyway, so I still love the G6, but I realize (because I’m an ADULT, see, and adults know things, or so I was told all through elementary school) that I will have to give it back (WAH) on Saturday.  I think.  Maybe Sunday.  Whatever, anyway, I have to give it back.

This means that I either have to shit or get off the pot in regards to my Corolla.

I don’t have a clue as to mechanics around here, and the dealerships are far enough away from me that towing my car there would cost a metric ton (which I’m sure my insurance would reimburse me for, but I don’t want to go through that TWICE, because that might be pushing my luck).

Luckily, Tex’s dad used to rebuild and re-sell cars as a side business, and was actually the one who got me this car in the first place, two years ago, so he’s willing to look at it and make sure it’s the timing belt (everyone seems to agree based on my story and description that that’s what it is), and see what kind of “wholesale” (i.e. non-exorbitant labor-wise) cost he can get on fixing it.

Here’s the thing – remember when I said this “skipping” thing was familiar?  Apparently I pushed this out of my mind because I was so pissed about it, but I spent $700 on auto work nearly two years ago on this car, and the timing belt is one of the things replaced (I also got new tires, which is where a lot of the cost was).  This is in addition, obviously, to the timing chain that broke on my other Corolla.  Good thing, though, is that that’s the ONLY thing that’s ever broken on those cars, and it’s just ’cause they’re old.

I’m not car-savvy, so those of you who are will have to verify if this is a correct assumption, but if I just got a timing belt replaced less than two years ago, and I’ve driven less than 10K miles in that time, and that belt breaks, is that an indication that there’s something more substantial wrong with the rest of the engine?  If that’s the case, I’m going to just scrap this one (Tex’s dad can get me a good bit back on that, I believe, and if not, he’ll buy it off of me for what’s it’s worth on KBB, I’m sure), and then use that money to put a smallish down payment on a car that’s newer and has fewer miles on it.  I’m scared to drive my car more than an hour away from my house, and have been for a year.  That’s no way to live, yo.

So, anyway, that should be figured out in the next day or so.  I have until Thursday to have my car either fixed or almost fixed, or to get my ass to a dealer and pick up another one.

Here’s the announcement I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for, and what I’m totally and completely humbled, shocked, and pleased to make:


I now have enough from your donations and loans to be able to cover my ass on both my payroll situation and my current car situation.



Please note:  Unless you’ve specified otherwise, either in email or comments, that you want me to either “pay it forward” or donate the amount to a specific charity when the time comes, the address you provided via the various donation methods will be used to mail you either a check or cash payback at the end of August, if not before.

So if you were under the impression that this was donation-only, and wish it to remain that way, I’m not going to argue with you, but I would like to know.  Please email me at  Otherwise, you’re getting paid back like everyone else, dammit.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.  I need to go get my pertinent items out of my Corolla and transfer them to the G6 so that I’m not wanting for random items (like my sunshade) this week.  Then I’m going to bed, because I’m wiped out.  It’s been a taxing weekend.

4 comments to I promise I’ll stop talking about this soon.

  • If you had the chain (it really IS a chain and not a belt, right?) changed- and they really DID change it- I can’t see it going out so fast.
    You have someone who knows cars looking into it, so that’s a plus. OTOH it may be something as simple as a bad sensor send in bad info to the computer.

  • An improperly installed (or a properly installed belt that was mishandled prior to installation–bent too tightly, for instance) can fail early.

  • Heh, heh “goods and services” *drool* *slobber*

  • Sounds like the belt tensioner could be bad, that’ll eat a belt in short order.