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Looks like I’m in the market for a car.

Tex’s dad came over here about an hour or so ago, to look at the engine.

Yep, it’s the timing belt.

I wanted to unload that car, anyway, because I’m scared to drive more than an hour at a time in it, so this is almost fortuitous…except for the timing (har, har).  I’d planned to get rid of it in August.  So…this is just a couple of months early.

I told his dad this, and said that if he didn’t think it would be cost-effective for me to fix what was wrong with it, only to be getting rid of it in two months, I was going to want to sell it or something, and he said he knows a guy close to here who would probably buy it off of me – one of those “lemme fix it and sell it” types.  I’m still waiting to hear back from him.

Regardless, whatever is going to happen needs to happen in the next couple of days, so I can have transportation sorted out before Friday, because the rental needs to be returned on Saturday (or Sunday…still can’t remember which).

I found my title, and it’s sitting on my desk with the only key I’ve ever had for this car.  On one hand, I’m relieved and hopeful that the next car restores some of my confidence in long-distance driving.  On the other hand, I’m not looking forward to having to watch where I’m driving for fear of denting my car.  One thing I can say for the Corolla:  you can kick the crap out of that car, and it looks no worse for the wear.  Granted, that’s because it looked like a piece of crap to begin with, but, you know, details.

Too bad I don’t know how to drive a motorcycle.  Or have a license for it.  Or have any desire to be without a “cage” in this city.  Otherwise I could join the ranks of Scooter Trash Gunnies.  Ah, well.

So tomorrow, I’m going to wander car lots with Tex and try to not get irritated at salespeople treating me like a retard.  My boobs are not inversely proportional to my brains, kthxbye.

5 comments to Looks like I’m in the market for a car.

  • My condolences…

    I hate car buying.

    I’ve had my truck for a decade now, and as long as the cost of maintaining it doesn’t exceed what I’d have to pay for a newer one, I’ll keep it going.

    Besides, trucks (unlike most cars) get better with age.

  • sidhe_demon


  • Squeaky Wheel

    Alan – I do, too, but at least I’ll have someone with me who’s going to be able to somewhat keep the salemen from treating me like crap in the guise of trying to “help” me. I can’t invest in a truck, so I’ll never know. It’s back to teeny little cars for me.
    sidhe_demon – Not unless you want to send me gas money…heh.

  • sidhe_demon

    my little truck got 29 mpg.

    which explains why they don’t make them any more.

    also, people liked to flip cigarettes, trash and porn tapes into the back of it.
    the porn was okay, the other stuff not so good.

  • I feel your pain. My 1997 Saturn wagon just went Tango Uniform at 270,000 miles.

    I’ve replaced timing chains myself in my driveway. Timing belts, though, haven’t tried one of those.