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Gun Blog Black List

Squeaky and Ahab – Gun Nuts on Blogtalk Radio – Tuesday at 11pm EST

We’re talking about DC v. Heller:  the decision, the comments, the reactions.

Well, Ahab will be.  I’ll mostly be going, “Woo-hoo!”, because once anything technical comes up, my eyes glaze over.

As such, if you want to call in and talk shop, you’re MORE than welcome to.

Here’s our site, complete with the phone number to call and the times, subjects, and any other information you could ever want to know.

(I’m mostly kidding about the “woo hoo!”, but if you heard me last week, or, rather, DIDN’T hear me, it was because I didn’t feel like I had anything to add other than what was already being said, so I just jumped in with anecdotes…I predict more of the same tomorrow, so call-ins with informed opinions?  BRING THEM ON!)

See you then!

2 comments to Squeaky and Ahab – Gun Nuts on Blogtalk Radio – Tuesday at 11pm EST

  • I’m gonna call in if I can find the fortitude. That is if I don’t embarrass anyone, and teach Ahab how to hang up on someone using the Blogtalkradio interface.


  • sidhe_demon

    the nalgene water bottle is neon green. i’m sure you didn’t notice that.

    i didn’t think about it till i got it home and unwrapped the box.