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What’s this “love child” crap?

I realize that it’s convenient, and sounds better than “bastard” (even though that’s technically the correct term), but seriously?  “Love child”?

Yeah, let’s make it sound all sweet that Edwards cheated on his wife and fathered a child with another woman…a woman he continues to see, and pays “hush money” to every month to keep this quiet.  Which didn’t work, by the way, in case y’all haven’t noticed.

I really don’t have anything else to say about this.  I’m just irritated by the whole thing.

5 comments to What’s this “love child” crap?

  • Not exactly a new term. :) The Supremes even had a song out in the 60′s called ‘Love Child’. Which I really hate because it’s such a stupid term. :)

  • Squeaky Wheel

    I know it’s not a new term…it’s just irritating as piss…heh.

  • sidhe_demon

    they used to call them “woods colts” too.

  • LOL! I’ve always wondered about that term as well. It’s more like ‘conceived-in-a-heat-of-passion-without-thinking-about-a-condom-because-it-was-hot-unbridled-barebones-lustful-sex’-child.

  • There was a British infantry officer in WWI, whose name was Reginald Bastard, I believe. He was quoted in a book called “The Donkeys.”

    Clearly at some time in the past when surnames were first getting started, one of his ancestors said, “yup, that’s who I am!” when it came time to register names.

    BTW, didya know that if your surname is Esposito, you are descended from a foundling left at a church door, in hopes that somebody would raise it?