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The sad state of education…in 1994.

Crankyprof doing what she does best.

( says it’s undetermined, but my non-professional opinion based on sight alone, without analysis?  Is that it’s fake.  But having had teachers who’ve done this very thing [Fall '07 sucked, y'all], I still think her rant is valid, and worth a read.)

2 comments to The sad state of education…in 1994.

  • I had similar experiences with several teachers. Even if this particular example proves to be false, it still happens far too often.

    What was that about fake but true? :)

  • wouldn’t surprise me. in high school i got tossed out of physics class when we were discussing Einsteinian relativity… i kept asking how Hawking’s theories correlated to Einstein’s… finally the teacher told me that “we are not discussing theoretical physics”… to which i replied “then why are we discussing Eisenstein’s THEORY or relativity?”

    yup… got thrown out of class for that one.