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First, Crazy Update:  The doctor put me on Trazodone, in addition to the Wellbutrin SR.  From what I’ve been reading about Trazodone, I should definitely be sleeping…it’s going to be waking up that’s the hard part.

I’ve gone ahead and made a new blog for the crazy crap, because I’m not comfortable having it take up space in this blog.  If you’re interested in reading it, email me and I’ll send you a link.  It’s public, and you could find it with not a lot of effort, but I’m not linking to it from here.

Next, License Plate Update:  I don’t have one.


I called today, got the run-around, called back, got transferred to the office manager, and then found out that this problem?  Is not City Auto.  It’s Carmax.

Hold the phone.  What?  Carmax?  Por que?

Apparently, Carmax “misplaced” 4 titles.  One of those titles was the one to my car.

City Auto purchased the cars from Carmax, who’d purchased them from the previous owners.

Confused yet?

So what’s going to happen?

Well, Carmax has ordered duplicates of the titles.  They’re going to have to get the previous owners to sign them, and then they’ll pass them to City Auto, who will finish up with the ordering and whatnot.  There is really no telling how long this is going to take.  So I have to go in tomorrow and get another temporary tag.

So…you know.  Fail.

You saw that coming a mile away, didn’t you?

I’m not mad any more.  Just irritated.  And I wish someone had told me what was going on earlier…I guess they were trying to fix it, and thought that they could do it without letting me know what had happened?  I dunno.  Whatever.  I know now.

10 comments to Resolutions?

  • Tradozone? You should be a zombie right now shouldn’t you?

  • Squeaky Wheel

    My new mantra: “BRAAAAAAAIIIIINSSSSS!” In other words, yes. I am a zombie.

  • Don T.

    I’m beginning to think that there is a major snowstorm going on there. The vehicle shouldn’t have been offered for sale if the paperwork wasn’t available.

    Years ago It was my job to handle the DMV end of things for a dealership. We had the cars inspected, the insurance transferred, the registration complete, and other requests by the customer all finished the day BEFORE the delivery date. If not, they would get a call. When they walked through that door to pick it up, it would be legal to drive right off the lot. Apparently that’s just waaaaay too much to ask for now!

  • Jess

    um. i’ve lost your e-mail address. don’t ask me how. send me link please?

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Don – The way things work at this dealership are weird – it’s where a lot of folks who sell used cars actually buy them, so they have a weird way of dealing with paperwork. I’m more disturbed by the fact that Carmax LOST the titles. I agree, though – they shouldn’t have even offered to have me buy the car if they weren’t sure of the existence of all of the paperwork.
    Jess – I’ll email you.

  • brolin_1911a1

    I’m with Don T. on this one. Whether snow job or something less pleasant something’s getting deep here. I find it hard to fathom that this dealership took over two months to discover that they didn’t have the title for a car that they sold you. Even harder to believe that they took that long to realize that they couldn’t get to plates, the money for which they’d already taken. These people are throwing out one excuse after another, a new one each time old one wears thin.

    Contact that DMV consumer office and at least talk to someone there. You’ll probably be amazed at how quickly problems are resolved once a licensee discovers that a State licensing or oversight agency is taking an interest in said licensee’s behavior.

    Otherwise, buy some good swampers if you’re going to keep dealing with this dealership on your own.

  • Gregg

    Hope this isn’t a “hot” car.

    I’m just sayin…

  • No comment on the meds. I’ve had to deal with them from the outside. Pass.

    On the title thing… Here in PA that would mean you get all your money back. Dealers selling cars without titles is bad juju…. lean on them.

  • sidhe_demon

    i still can’t believe you bought a car from carmax.

    they are the same people as titlemax, si?

  • Squeaky Wheel

    sidhe – No, they’re not. And I bought the car from City Auto, who apparently act as a go-between for other dealers or something. Title Max is where you go when you already HAVE your title, and turn it in for cash. It’s basically a car pawnshop. CAR Max is a “discount” dealership full of assholes. If I’d known that that’s where my car was coming from (and I wouldn’t have, if they hadn’t lost the damned title), then I would NOT have purchased this particular car. Oh, well. Shit happens.