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Gun Blog Black List

Sorry, y’all.

I have just not been able to catch up on my feed reader, after the Google malfunction that’s been going on for me in the past few days.  I have about 350 entries (granted, some of those are repeats from aggregators on other blogs, like this one and this one), and it keeps growing, because Y’ALL WON’T SHUT UP.  (okay, so I really love that, because there’s always something for me to read.)

So that’s where I’ve been.

And to all the folks at Blackwater:  I’m glad I didn’t go now, because I would have been the n00b going “Holy shit!  Holy shit!  Holy shit!  What the FUCK!?” while shooting the moving targets.  Or attempting to, anyway.

Off to the gun show.  Going to try to find a better carry holster for my snubby, to see if maybe I can get myself to carry it.  I need a good belt, too.  And if there’s beef jerky, I’m going to buy some just for the hell of it, because I think it’s funny.

Also?  If I see one of these, I will totally haggle and try everything in my power to be able to afford it and take it home.  Probably the .32 – big enough to punch a bit, but not so big that the small gun size would make it a PITA to shoot.

School starts tomorrow.  O HAI, I R NOT REDDY.

6 comments to Sorry, y’all.

  • Well, if it makes you feel any better, the 2ABlogBash feed will be silenced at midnight. :)

  • If yo see a Tagua holster for your snubby, keep walking. Extremely inconsistent draw–it tightens up on the edge of the cylinder after a few hours in the holster, making a fast draw almost impossible.

  • +1 on the Tagua comment. Wife has one that is pretty much useless. It was a good price for a “real” leather holster, but the mouth isn’t re-enforced, and her Glock can’t be drawn smoothly at all. We’re still looking for another option.

    As for the NAA… cute, but just get a Kel-Tec. Seriously. They are a heck of a lot cheaper, and they are reliable as long as they are clean (they start fouling up around 50rds.) The P32 with an extended 10rd (actually 9, but they call it 10) is a joy to shoot.

  • I don’t have personal experience with the Kel-Tec Greg mentioned (’cause you can’t ship one to Cali) but I’ve heard lots of good things about them. Lots. And don’t forget to give the Clipdraw a try for your S&W snubby. Hell of a lot cheaper than a holster, works with just about any clothing, belt or not. I love mine.

  • Tam

    Really? Caleb and I were talking on the way back how perfect you would have been for the gig. You would have totally had a blast, and Michael Bane & Co. would have had their camera in your mug the whole time. “From Novice to Pwnage In 48hrs.” :D

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Gregory and David – I’m going to make a graphic for the side of my page, because this is a common thing for me to have conversations with folks about: I HATE Kel-Tecs. I hate shooting them. They feel cheap. They hurt my hand. I’ve tried several, and it’s always the same story. I appreciate the suggestions – that’s just not something I’m willing to do.
    Tam – That may be (having fun and being all up in teh television), but I have absolutely no confidence in my ability to shoot with any sort of skill or speed while being timed. I would have loved to have gone, though…if for no other reason than to prove myself wrong…lol. Also? To see you guys. I’m really sorry I missed it.