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No hope for Google Reader.

I am now behind by more than 600 entries on my feed reader.

I’m going to be skimming, but there are blogs (mostly ones that, well, I only have on there because occasionally I get something out of them) that I’m just going to completely mark as read without even worrying about them.

So.  If there’s something you’ve posted about that you want me to know, you can email me (as some have done – thanks, guys), or you can leave a comment here with a link.  Chances are good I’m just not going to be able to see everything.

2 comments to No hope for Google Reader.

  • As soon as you mark a bunch read, everyone will shut up and your feed will go empty…At least that’s how it works for me.

  • I hear ya. I’ve had a heck of a time keeping up with blogs recently. Don’t feel too badly about it. At least on my blog, it was all belly-button lint. By the way, those opera scores have been in my car for nearly 5 months. One of these days I’ll surprise us both and MAIL them. *ahem* Sorry for being such a flake!