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Photos, because I promised.

Mossberg Maverick.  I have to get the stock shortened to 12 inches, but other than that, it’s awesome.  It came with a six-shot magazine.  Which is awesome.  I’m looking forward to taking it to the range to give it a whirl.

Cobra CA380.  YES I KNOW THAT IT’S NOT AN AWESOME GUN.  It was cheap.  I figured I wasn’t out that much money if it completely sucked.

And here’s the Neos that I promised photos of a while back.  I LOVE THIS GUN.

8 comments to Photos, because I promised.

  • I’d love to hear how the cobra shoots. It may not be an “awesome gun”, but I don’t buy that baloney about “junk guns” and “saturday night specials”. My carry gun is a cheap gun, and it works just fine. Never had a failure after a few thousand rounds.

    Try some different ammo and post a range report! :)

  • nice looking Neos. you’ll need to do a range report. I’m looking at getting a .22 so I can do more range time and the Neos is one of the ones I’m looking at.

  • Well… the Cobra is the same design that’s been passed around the “ring of fire” manufacturers since the 80′s.

    Maybe Cobra actually cast and assembled with care. God knows the others didn’t (bryco/lorcin/jennings/chicom/jiminez)

  • DaWankler

    Grats on the gunz! I’m a fan of Mossberg, even though I’m a Remington guy when it comes to shotguns. I’d take it out a few times before you shorten the stock just so you can get a feel for the forearm. I only say that because I’m not a fan of their synth forearms and if you’re getting a shorter stock you might as well get the set if you’re not happy with the forearm too.

    I agree with drstrange, I’m a bit leary on the Cobra.

    I’m a GIANT fan of the Neos. I keep waffling on buying one, and I probably should. They are the perfect plinker pistol, in my opinion.

  • Sigivald

    Aww, the Cobra’s like my old J-22, but bigger!

    (I actually liked my old Jennings. It was reliable if you fed it Stingers, and as accurate as a tiny pocket pistol needed to be, for shooting at tin cans.

    Gave it to a friend of mine when she turned 21; as far as I know she still has it.)

    Though I confess I would’ve gotten a .380 Makarov, myself, instead.

  • Congrats on the purchases. New toys are always fun. I’m a fan of the Mossberg, and everyone needs a “street howitzer.” ;)

    I’d advise caution on the Cobra, though. I had a similar pattern pistol in .32, made by Davis Industries, that I ended up taking apart and boxing until there’s a buy-back. The striker/spring assembly appears to have seized, and it slam fired most of a mag the last time it (ever) went to the range. Quite a surprise, to be sure. You don’t want to get popped for manufacturing a machine gun because/in case something goes wrong.

  • Looking forward to a range report on the Cobra.

  • Bunnyman

    +1 on the Cobra. I understand their “Patriot” .45 carry pistol is actually halfway decent, so assuming the .380 is manufactured to similar specifications, you may be in luck…

    As for the Maverick, do you have training for that or something? =D