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State of the Squeaky Address

-School is really busy.  This first week was hell, but I didn’t NOT enjoy any of it.  Even my Spanish class is bearable, even though the teacher is going at breakneck speed.  I don’t feel like the stupidest person in there, so yay.

-There’s ALREADY drama in the psych department, and it pertains to Independent Study.  I want to do it, they want me to justify it, and they’re insulting the hell out of my professors and me while they ask for more info.  I turned in my final proposal yesterday (a full week before I anticipated having to do so), along with my request form to be able to do the study, so we’ll see what happens next week.

-I have not been reading ANY blogs.  At all.  I haven’t even opened my feed reader since…Monday?  I think?  And only two people have emailed anything regarding what they’ve posted, and it was part of a “mass” email (i.e. they have a specific list for bloggers they regularly converse with, and I just happen to be on it).  Part of me is disappointed to no longer have an inbox full of comments in the morning and evening when I check email, but the other part of me is like, “You have TIME to do homework and actually hang out with people!  That’s a WIN!”  Then there’s another part of me that feels guilty for actually liking not blogging for the time being.  I’ll either get over it, or I won’t.  No sense dwelling now.

-The whole “being social” thing seems to be going well so far.  I have several friends that I meet nearly every day, without fail, on campus for lunch or at least afternoon conversations (short ones, usually, because I’ve almost always got something to do).  I also actually attended a college party last night.  *gasp!*  It wasn’t that wild, but we did get reported for noise.  Someone SPECIFICALLY said, “the ukelele is too loud”, which I think is hysterical.  I had fun.

-Medication-wise, things are interesting…mostly in the way it’s affecting my life.  Not in a bad way.  It’s just…interesting.

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