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Gun-Blogger Rendezvous

I got an email asking me if I planned to come to the GBR next month, and telling me that I could bring my registration form and fees with me if I wanted, since it’s so late in the game.

I looked up airfare, and a round-trip flight to Reno from Memphis, even taking one of those “o hai we r gunna stop in five sitties” flights costs upwards of $800.  That’s not in my budget for the calendar year.

It was suggested that I ask people for their frequent-flyer miles, since there are folks who get them but don’t use them for whatever reason.  I thought, “Okay, that might be a viable option…”

Then I checked my planner (which is like my lifeline right now – if I didn’t have this thing, I would epically fail every single thing I tried to do by forgetting to show up), and it turns out I have Very Important Things I have to do that weekend here in town.

So, once again, I’ll have to miss the GBR.  Last year I didn’t know about it in time, this year I’m just busy (and poor).

Maybe next year.

Of course, I’ll see many of you at Boomershoot and the 2-A Blog Bash in 2009, right?

6 comments to Gun-Blogger Rendezvous

  • Blog Bash – Absolutely! I’ll start really planning it after the election. We’ll either be scared to death of what’s to come and looking for comfort in each other or we’ll be glad we missed the bullet so-to-speak and ready to celebrate. :)

  • You are going to fly down to Orlando in a month, though, right?

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Bitter – Yeah, that’s a good point. Better make sure the hotel has a good bar, either way…
    Avitable – I’d have to book it OMG RIGHT NOW. I need to ask you a few questions first, though. Expect an email from me later today.

  • Okay, I’ll look for your email.

  • The hotel doesn’t have a bar, but it’s right downtown, not horribly far from a ballpark which pretty much promises to have a good bar selection nearby. More importantly, with no bar, we can bring our own booze. :)

    Unfortunately, the only hotel I could find that was cheap and nearby with a bar would force you to sacrifice sleep (insanely thin walls) and showers (unless you like ice cold water beating down on you – assuming you can fit into the stall in the first place).

    I’ve been periodically going through the Phoenix Visitor’s Bureau’s website to find out everything nearby for a good time. :)

  • Bitter — I’m guessing Chris Byrne (Anarchangel) would know the best bars as he and Mel live in the area IIRC.