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A working example of government in action.

Who’s on Facebook?  Anyone?

Well, I am.

When I first joined, you had to click on people’s names on your friend list in order to see what they were doing and what they were up to.  Apparently this was too time-consuming for people, so Facebook made a news feed (aka “stalker feed”) last year.  Everyone complained.  CNN got in on the act.  Facebook gave people the option to not have their information show up in the feed.  People quieted down and accepted it.  Now they depend on it.

Then the advertisements came.  First Facebook invited you to make your own “banners” and “flyers” for the sides.  Then they got too big for their britches and began wanting to make more revenue.  They started putting up advertising in the sidebar.  This advertising feeds on your google information, so if you’ve recently gone shopping for anything or searched for anything on Amazon…well, looky there!  Facebook has magically found a company that’ll sell you that item!

They started charging for “premium” things, like SuperPoke.  SuperPoke is an application that lets you tell people that you’re doing stupid things to them.  Like “throw sheep at” or “share Pimm’s cup with”.  The ones you pay for?  Are things like, “show respect for”.  Basically, it’s dumb.  But people apparently do this, because there’s a way for you to store your credit card information in Facebook’s system.  Creepy, yeah?

There have been so many applications added that I’ve just started ignoring all of the new ones I’m offered by friends.  There’s a requirement on some of them that in order to use them, you have to invite so many friends.  People bitched about this…Facebook did the same thing as with the news feed, adding a “skip” button so that people didn’t have to send invites if they didn’t want to.  And people have quieted down.

Now there’s a “New Facebook”.  They changed the design and functionality around.  I’ve been using it since they put out the prototype, because I knew they were going to change it, anyway, so I might as well get used to it, yeah?  They changed over a few weeks ago permanently, and holy shit, people will not shut up about it.

And I suspect it will go the way of the news feed and the application invitations…at least, in terms of acceptance by the masses.  All Facebook has to do is just wait it out.

Change things like the news feed and format edits to things like laws and regulations, and you’ve got a pretty fair example of how governments change things in such a way that people eventually just get used to it and function just fine.

We’re very adaptable creatures, aren’t we?

3 comments to A working example of government in action.

  • sidhe_demon

    facebook sucks. but it’s the only way i can keep up with jerica.

  • I’m a facebooker as well. I only add those I know and have met in person, or have known so long I may as well have met in person.

  • B Smith

    I will never catch up with this runaway electronic media. It’s awfully hard for geezers to adapt.
    When we’re asked to adapt to socialism (this fall?) I’m afraid it’ll be curtains for me.