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This is getting ridiculous – cat update. Also, possible cancellations of plans.

So his liver was enlarged, his intestinal lymph nodes were enlarged, and he tested positive for heartworms.

So they assumed he had heartworms, especially since he has a heart murmur.

I just got a call this morning (as I was getting ready to take him in) that the test also shows whether cats have had heartworms in the past.  So…they think that now he might not have heartworms any more.

My sister is the one who called, and she didn’t have much more to tell me than that they think it might have something to do with his pancreas.

So I looked up possible problems with the pancreas in cats.  It’s what I do.

Whaddya know – pancreatic problems cause the liver to react!

There are a number of problems this could be, and they’re not ruling out lymphosarcoma (called ‘lymphoma’ in layman’s terms, so yes, we’re back to that possibility).  I’m taking him in at 11 to get him some more subcutaneous fluid, and to learn how to give that to him myself (I’m going to make my sister help me).  I’m also going to get some steroids to encourage him to eat, because at this point, he’s drinking the fluid in his canned food (which I’m beefing up with hot water to make kind of a stew), and that’s pretty much it.

I realize that at this point, there’s not a whole lot I can do without spending a shitload of money.  But if he has a chance of living, I’m going to spend that money, as long as it doesn’t involve surgery (which he would NOT recover from in his current state).  In light of this, I might have to cancel some trips for next year, including Boomershoot and the NRA convention.  That’s still up in the air, but I just figured I’d prepare y’all for the possibility, because I’m having to prepare myself.

I’m irritated by that, but at this point?  My cat’s life > shooting events.

I’m never having children, by the way.  The stress would kill me.

More thoughts and prayers, plskthx.

3 comments to This is getting ridiculous – cat update. Also, possible cancellations of plans.