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Stranded. In Texas.

My first flight was to leave Memphis at 5:05pm.

The plane we were to board was delayed in its arrival.

I asked when we might leave, and was told by 5:45pm at the latest.

We boarded at 5:30, and sat there. And sat there. And sat some more.

At around 6, we were told that one of the brake lines was leaking, and they would have to fix it before we could leave.

At around 6:45, we finally lifted off.

The flight was one hour, and my connecting flight was leaving at 7:55.

We landed at 7:56. I made it to my connecting terminal at 7:59.

That’s right – I missed my flight by four minutes.

I got bumped to a flight leaving tomorrow morning at 7am, and in the meantime, I’ve found food, both for dinner and for breakfast tomorrow morning, I have a laptop and internet, I have a power outlet, and I didn’t check any bags, so I have everything I need with me.

However, I left my Singulair, and will have to make do with Benadryl.

Sleeping here is going to be an adventure.

Of all the times to be unarmed…

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