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Safely in Detroit

Okay, so after finding out that I was going to have to stay the night in the Dallas airport, I was understandably upset.  But shit happens, and life goes on, and I obviously lived.

My flight yesterday actually left early, so I arrived in Detroit at 10:55 local time, a full 15 minutes before I was to land.  TD was waiting to pick me up, and after some initial confusion caused by construction and my ineptitude at finding a way to the ground floor, he picked me up and we were on our way.  A quick stop at Tim Horton’s for coffee, home to drop stuff off and take a bath, and then his mom took us out to lunch at Zorba’s.  Well, actually, I don’t know who was responsible for paying, but it wasn’t me, so that’s good…lol.

After lunch, we went by Target to get me a warmer jacket/sweatshirt, because the weather didn’t do as predicted.  I like my new sweatshirt, but it leaves little fuzzies all over me.

Came home and took a nap after getting some McDonalds sweet tea.  Y’all, let me just say that whoever had the idea for the kind of tea that McDonalds tried to pass off as “sweet”, i.e. “southern”, needs to be schooled.  Southern sweet tea IS sweet, but holy shit.  This was like Diabetes in a Cup.  I drank it, anyway.  I was tired and needed caffeine/sugar.

I took a 3-hour nap, and then TD and I went to Miller’s Bar for dinner.  They don’t have a menu…they only serve burgers, fries, and drinks, and you have to ask the bartender if you want anything that’s not some form of Coke product.  I’ll have photos later, but needless to say, it was an experience.

My cough had begun to get a little better over the past few hours, but when we walked through the smoking section to pay (you pay the bartender, who by the way looks like a throwback to Seinfeld), and got back to the car, I proceeded to cough so hard I seriously almost peed in my pants.  It scared TD, but I told him to just drive.   Got some Maximum Strength Mucinex DM, and things have calmed down somewhat.  I’m better this afternoon, anyway.

I went to bed around 10:30…I could barely keep my eyes open.  Woke up around 12:30 this afternoon.  Holy hell, right?  I must have needed the sleep.

So far I’ve had two cups of coffee, some cornbread, some pumpkin pie, had a nice shower, and am preparing to go with TD to the local mall to get things for friends.  Then we’ll head by Wayne State, since I’m looking at trying to get in there for grad school (based on program and awards…they literally pay for everything if you get in).  THEN we’re going to have dinner with some friends of his, and after that, who knows?  It’s Friday, so there’s probably something going on that we can get into.

I’m taking photos, though not nearly as many as usual, but I’ll be sure to post them on Flickr when I get home so that you guys can share in the merriment of sleeping on a chair in an internet lounge and drinking Coke out of the smallest glasses I’ve ever seen in a restaurant.

Hope y’all have a good weekend…I’m sure you’ll hear from me again in the next couple of days.

2 comments to Safely in Detroit

  • Be sure to PUT YOUR HANDS UP 4 DETROIT on behalf of all of us while you’re there….

  • If I’d known you were stuck here, I would have come to fetch you, darlin. I’m within 15 minutes of both major aeropuertos here. I could, at least, have brought you something decent to eat. Let me know next time you come through.