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It ain’t over yet, y’all.

This morning, I decided to have my breakfast in front of the television.  I’m waiting for my landlord to show up to fix the roof and a door that keeps warping.  I don’t expect to see him, but that’s not the point.

Our local news station was wandering around downtown and asking folks what they would like to ask the President if he was sitting right next to them.  One woman went off on how she paid SS benefits all her life, and then couldn’t get any of that money in her old age without being harrassed by courts…then went on to snark on the people who collect welfare needlessly.  You know I was cheering that on…and she mentioned no names, just stated her issue and went on.

Then some woman who’s apparently some sort of minor celebrity (though I’ve never heard of her) was asked the same question.

The first words out of her mouth were, “Well, I would ask Obama about…”, and I turned the TV off.

Anyone remember 2000?  Even when you think something is wrapped up, you might be really wrong.  Even 2004 was like that…the race was so close that I remember not even knowing who was winning – the numbers kept changing.

Yogi Berra said this, I think:  “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

And it ain’t over until Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

In other news, a couple of kids in this area were arrested for having a plan to assassinate Obama.  Way to make Southerners look bad, dorks.

5 comments to It ain’t over yet, y’all.

  • Ted

    The polls are broken (well, the methodology is). The numbers don’t work.

    Stolen Thunder is all over this.

    My take is that it’s going to be down to how Republican turnout is. Early voting from Republicans is heavy.

    This is going to be 2004 all over again.

  • Hey Squeeks!

    You just did my post of the 16th!

    That’s ok 8^) keep spreading the word…

  • Kenny

    Here’s this thing the media calls a plot:

    Break into houses, steal money, rob gun stores [as if they aren't prepared for that], use stolen guns to kill black people all over the country and then assassinate Obama by driving their car really fast towards him and shooting from the windows.

    Such staggering genius.

  • Kenny

    Also, the race is definitely not over. But it should be pointed out that even Republican analysts seem to be conceding that the all-important ‘ground game’ is exceptional for Obama, and supringingly ‘non-existant’ for McCain. If true, that’s a huge gap bewteen the two. The organization and ground game is how Bush won both of the last two, and it’ll probably be the deciding factor for Obama this time.

    But it’s most certainly not over.

  • If a truck runs over my leg and breaks it Tuesday morning, I am still crawling to the polling place to cast my vote for Sarah and that old guy.

    Obama MUST be stopped!