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“Respect for the property of others” – sound familiar?

I don’t mind having houseguests.

I don’t mind making the houseguests comfortable.

If there’s anything they need, and Jazz can’t help them (they’re her parents), then I’ll be glad to see what I can do.

However, I don’t care who you are, who you’re related to, how much money you make, and what you’re used to – don’t fuck with my goddamned thermostat.

I pay the utilities, and I can barely afford them as it is.  68 degrees is plenty warm enough at night.  More than warm enough, actually.  This house’s insulation isn’t that awesome, so we just deal with being cold for the sake of not wasting electricity heating the attic and the air around the roof.  We keep it 60 degrees at night, actually.  I sleep with two fleece blankets, a top sheet, a quilt, a comforter, and a down comforter.  I also have a body pillow with a fleece cover.  I mean, I’m used to it.  And I’ll deal with cold to save money, because as long as the temperature in here is consistent, it really doesn’t bother me.  I’m so used to it that I sleep much better when the air in my room is cold.

They walked in last night, and I saw her dad wander over to the thermostat.  (This happened last year, too, by the way, except it was her mom that kept fucking with it, and they were here for a week.)  He pushed a few buttons, and wandered on.  I thought maybe he was playing with the new electric thermostat, but then the heat came on.  And stayed on.  So I went over and looked, and he’d turned it up 15 degrees, to 75.  WTF.

I turned it down to 67.  I figured that was a good compromise.

I guess he turned it back up again while I was out of the room, back to 75.  I turned it down again while they were all sitting in the living room.  I told them, again (I told them this last winter, too, but they don’t seem to “get” it) that because the insulation sucks, if the heat is up too high, not only does it not really warm up the house, but it also runs constantly, which I can’t afford to pay for.  Jazz backed me up, and they didn’t really say anything.  In fact, they changed the subject.

I noticed that the heat has been running quite a bit this morning – it’s been on constantly for the past 2 hours.  They’re leaving in a few minutes to drive down to TX for their family Thanksgiving, and when they leave, I’m going to go turn it back down to 60.

The dumbest part is that her mom was just saying how much colder it is where they’re from, and how we shouldn’t complain about it being 40 degrees with no snow.  Well, no wonder, if your house is 75 degrees all the time, of course you’re not going to give a shit about an Ohio winter!


Oh, as a bonus?  I JUST got over being sick (as in, got my full singing range back, was able to run around and do everything normally, stopped coughing, etc), and now my nose is running and my lips are chapped and I feel like ass again, because the fucking heat was on all night.  It’s so dry in here that I got a nosebleed a few minutes ago.  I am so fucking irritated.

Seriously, why in God’s name would you come into someone’s house that you’re not contributing to financially and fuck with things that cost the occupants money?  That is just so fucking rude.

6 comments to “Respect for the property of others” – sound familiar?

  • There’s absolutely no excuse for it.

    Make a sign stating that only you and your roommate are the ones paying for the utilities, and thus are the only ones allowed to adjust the thermostat.

    If someone wants to come be stupid with your climate controls, they can pay your bill!

  • dagamore

    Odley enough i am on leave at my fathers place, and he keeps the temp at 65, and it is cold to me, but i were a damn sweater, just like my dad. Why because i dont pay for the damn heat. do i keep my house in Germany at ~72F(21c) yes i do, but I pay that gas bill, and my place is alot smaller (~105sqm vs 225sqm)

    I dont understand how anyone can just change anothers thermostat. hell my dad asked me if i wanted to turn the heat up, but i am only here for a week I can suck it up.

  • Rick

    Never mind the warning sign, next time a warning shot!

  • sidhe_demon

    i 2nd rick’s opinion. in your neighborhood, nobody wil notice except the offenders.

  • That is unbelievably rude, especially since they continued doing it after you explained why they shouldn’t.
    Some people are just fucked-up and have a sense of entitlement.

  • That’s ridiculous. I’d be tempted to send them the utilities bill with a nice little note attached.