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Brush with “Celebrity” – har, har.

A friend of mine is performing at his church on Sunday evening, and I haven’t yet heard him play or sing, so when he invited me, I decided to go along.  I think it’s some sort of potluck post-Thanksgiving holiday something-or-other.

Problem is, I know NO ONE there, aside from my friend.  So I asked him what the hell I was supposed to do while he was performing.

He said, “I’ll sit you next to Brother [name redacted].”

“…who’s that?”

“[redacted] Timberlake.  Justin’s grandfather.”

“Ooooh.  Do you think he would mind if I asked him how he felt about Justin ripping Janet’s top off on national television?”

“If you do that, I will drop the piano on your head.”

“Okay, then.”

I’m going to take photos, if I can get away with it.

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