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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m going to make a list.  Yes, I am.

In no particular order, here’s what I’m thankful for (or at least what I can remember being thankful for at 8am):

  • The people in my life.  Most of you guys and gals in the blogosphere totally rock my world.  My friends at school are amazing (when there’s no drama…o god the drama), and while I don’t see my family that often any more, I appreciate them more when I do.  I think that, at this point, I literally have someone to geek out with for every interest I have in my life.  That’s totally amazing.
  • My HEALTH.  Holy shit, y’all.  I know most of you know what I’m talking about – when you’re sick for more than two weeks, you can barely remember what it feels like to NOT be ill, and all you want is to be able to feel slightly normal for just ONE DAY O GOD.  Until yesterday (grr), I felt awesome, for about a week, for the first time since early September.  And I’m not going to lie, I totally did that take-a-deep-breath-and-giggle-because-it’s-easy thing.  It was awesome.
  • I can’t imagine my life without the tools sitting downstairs in their cases.  I’m talking, of course, about my firearms.  That seems like a strange thing to be thankful for, to some people, but when you live in my neighborhood, have had the things happen to you that I have…well, let’s just say that I would totally [lots of redacted dirty things here] the person who made the final decision to include that happy little Amendment.  Well, if they weren’t dead.
  • I have so much stuff.  I really do.  It irritates me sometimes, and I lament that o no i have nothing to wear o god, but I DO.  And a LOT of it.  I have a ton of shoes.  I have lots of neat equipment that a lot of people don’t have.  I have three computers now, for cryin’ out loud.  I don’t really want for anything, honestly.
  • I have my singing voice back.  This rates a party, for real.
  • On that note, MUSIC, aka MY SANITY.  And for that matter, I’m thankful I can hear music, see to read music and lyrics, and vocalize to sing.  The first time I open my mouth in the morning, it’s to sing in the shower.  Trips are nearly unbearable if I have nothing to sing along with – though I’ll settle for someone to talk to, I guess.
  • They shouldn’t be this low on the list, but my animals.  I’m so so so thankful for Dammit’s health.  I’m glad they finally figured out what’s wrong (food allergy…wtf), and that he’s on his way to feeling and looking better.  Pooty (aka Thudbutt the Heffalump) is still a cow, but she’s pretty, and she’s friendly when the other two don’t feel like it.  Sophie has been an amusement and a joy to have in my life, even when she’s being a crabby bitch (or maybe especially when she’s cranky..) – all three of them just make me happy.  My lizards are hilarious and awesome, and I love watching them wander around the tank with each other.  My snake worries me, but he’s still adjusting, and I hope that he gets comfortable soon so that he’ll eat and become a thriving member of the household.
  • I’m incredibly lucky to be in the living situation I’m in.
  • My family’s out of town this weekend, and I got invited to go to a friend’s house with his family.  Apparently they’re all crazy.  This will be fun – eating and observing weird people is a combination of two of my favorite activities, and I’m so glad that I’ll get to do that this year.
  • I have love in my life, from so many sources.


I hope everyone out there has a wonderful holiday weekend!

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