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So there’s this clothing line – it’s called William Nast.

It’s expensive as hell, which is why I’ve never really heard of it, nor do I really care about it.

Well, I got invited to a party for the designs that was being held last night on Beale Street.  It was a private guest list, invitation-only (but invitees could being guests), and I have no idea how the person who invited me was involved.  He has some connections, that’s for damned sure.

So I hemmed and hawed, thought about going, thought about staying home, ultimately wound up being so indecisive about it that by the time I made any decision at all, it was too late to go, anyway.  So I stayed home, chatted, geeked out a bit, made plans with folks for this weekend, went to bed.

On the plus side of all of this indecisiveness, I found a really, really cute outfit for clubbing.  Hah.

I knew that there was a connection between Justin Timberlake and the clothing line, but I totally forgot that it was his line.

Which means he was at the party last night.

Which means he’s in town.

Which means I might be sitting with him, as well, on Sunday, if he decides to visit with his family.  Assuming my friend wasn’t just being an ass about sitting me with them.

Which means I’m charging my camera RIGHT NOW.

I’m really not celebrity-crazy, but I have kind of a music-crush on him.  When he’s not singing crap, his voice is gorgeous.

In other news, I have no shame.

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