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One more Geek entry, then I’m done, I promise.

The program I’m using is called DoubleKiller, and TD suggested it to me after I was like O GOD MY LIFE about having to delete all of those duplicate files one at a time.

As far as I can tell at the moment, it’s doing what it’s supposed to.  I’m having it compare file sizes and CRC32-checksums to make sure they’re both IDENTICAL.  Which is awesome, because without a program telling me that crap, I would have had to go through manually on every single file in my hard drive and compare them.  And this is after spending hours getting them all in the same place.  Notsomuch, thanks.

The program is running right now, as I attempted to have it done last night while I was asleep, and Vista’s dumb ass decided it wanted to re-start the computer at 2am.  So it’s not done yet, and I won’t know what’s going on with it until later this evening, when I come home for a bit to check on it.

From what I can see, through exploring the menu options, this thing does exactly what I want it to do.  Obviously double-checking things will be good before deleting, but for the most part?  I’m excited to see what this program will be able to help me with.

So there we go.  Problem is likely solved.  Yay for having geek-friends!

2 comments to One more Geek entry, then I’m done, I promise.

  • ben

    My daughter says vista sucks and not in a good way. She had managed to accumulate several thousand songs and somehow vista got rid of the excess including some of her favorites. I am looking for a travel puter for her to backpack to class, one of the requirements will be that it runs on XP. Guess it will be a used one. Hope the program works for you.

  • sidhe_demon

    td is teh awesome. :)