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  • I am one presentation away from being finished with the semester.  ONE.  Unfortunately, this presentation has made me cry more than anything else this past month, so I’m really hoping I don’t screw up tomorrow.  Basically, I’m in charge of the “results” section, and we have NO results.  Because our project was flawed, and we couldn’t have known until we actually ran the data.  So…fuck.
  • I have to take two “Incompletes” this semester.  One for Spanish (seriously – you have no idea how happy I am that my professor is working with me on that – I get to re-take 3 tests, have more time to work on the workbook and extra credit, and I have more time to study for the final) and one for Careers (I’m supposed to have interviewed some folks…that’s kind of hard when you and your professor are trying to get a hold of them, and they won’t contact you back).  I think I have a B in my other 3 classes, so I’m securely in 3.3 territory where my GPA is concerned, I guess.  Until March, when it’ll hopefully go up a bit.
  • I totally ratted someone out for cheating on an exam this morning, and I feel awesome about it, because this person has a tendency to never show up for class and then get A’s based on…something, I dunno, maybe she gives good head.  The professor had to leave the room to make copies, and come ON, people, we’re college students.  We can be left alone, right?  Apparently not.  Chickie breaks out her Blackberry and starts looking up answers online.  I emailed the professor (because I’m classy like that), and she emailed me back to thank me for telling her, because Chickie got a high A on the exam, even though she never shows up.  Suspicion:  we has it.  So yay.
  • Christmas cards will be going out by Friday.  If you want one, email me.  If you don’t, well…fine, then.  I didn’t want to give you any Christmas cheer, anyway.  Har, har.
  • I thought I was done with  Christmas shopping.  Oh, no, of course not.  So I get to do that tonight for a bit.  Only a few more things.  THEN I’m done.
  • Tell me – is there a reason to run  up and down the halls screaming while people are taking exams?

6 comments to Bullets!

  • Jim

    I’ll send you one from Nassau if you want. Email is in my profile.

  • John


    Sorry I have not been around! I too flunked a class and I was making an A in it. Turned in my final in the wrong form and the dickhead would not accept it. Went from a 3.5 to a 2.9!! I feel your pain


  • I have a test in…shit…15 hours in Economics. Then done with grad school for the semseter. Then just WORK work for the rest of the year.

    Good luck on your presentation.

  • Rick

    Tell me – is there a reason to run up and down the halls screaming while people are taking exams?”

    Yes. When you’ve taken your last exam evar.

    And a merryful and joyus Solstice to you too!

  • congrats on making it through the semester, honey. :)

  • Russell

    DEAR GOD. I regret not keeping up. Bullet three just MADE MY FUCKING YEAR. Apparently, she’s really a genius and just can’t focus in class. Buh?