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Goddamned bailout fucked up my loans.

And you know, sometimes I wonder why I went back to school at all.  Because obviously I’ve either made some seriously bad choices, or the universe is conspiring for me to just get a full-time job and give up on my degree.

I can’t say any more without getting really, really upset, and I have to present a public face to folks in a bit, so that won’t do.

To those thinking about going back to school in the face of the financial crisis:  good luck with that.  You’ll need it.

6 comments to Goddamned bailout fucked up my loans.

  • Robert

    Does your mother read this blog? Does she know you use suck language?
    The government did what the government always does and your loans were IMPACTED.

    Let’s show a little decorum please!

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Are you joking? My mother TAUGHT me that suck language.

  • sidhe_demon


  • If we were a thousand miles closer, we would set something up. The SandCastle needs a current family portrait.

    However if I may gently point out, this is an object lesson on depending on the gubmint for *ANYTHING*. When you need it most, it won’t be there. (Think FEMA, SS, etc.)

  • sidhe_demon

    oh, and social security. fuck social security to death.

  • Man, that sucks. I know how much of a pain it is to be so close to agoal to have it fall apartlike that. So far i have been able to avoid loans, though I don’t qualify for any other financial aid. I do hope that somethign shows up for you.