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Alright, y’all, a somewhat more substantial update.

My fingers are cold, and I’m finding myself less and less willing to write anything longer than a few lines, so this is going to be difficult.  I’ll try not to give up…heh.


I totally made an F in one of my classes because I missed the final presentation BECAUSE I was out of town dealing with family drama and emergency crap.  This class happens to be #2 in a series of 3, so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to take that third class this upcoming semester, or what.  I have proof of the emergency, so I can make up some of the stuff, I guess.  If I get a C, I’ll be fine.  But yeah.  First F of college, and I’m actually more annoyed than anything else.  The fun part is that I still have a 3.33 overall GPA, because I’m just awesome like that.

Also, I may have found a way to pay tuition, but I was using my loans for living expenses, and working part time at the law firm isn’t going to cut it.  So that’s fun.  I’m thinking, and hopefully a plan has just sporadically formed itself because someone else has had the misfortune of losing their home (read:  they’re staying here, and could continue to do so for some time if they want to contribute to household expenses), so I should be okay, but that’s a little stressful, particularly because I only have one more year left after this semester, and having to quit, however temporarily, because of the stupid artificial depression we’re forcing ourselves into would really piss me off.

ALSO, I’m totally putting off grad school.  I have several reasons.  I can’t take this shit any longer…that’s the main one.  Hah.

Personal stuff:

I can’t remember all of the funny and awesome things that have happened over the last few months, which is why I never write about them…by the time I get somewhere where I can tell someone, I’m over it and on to the next thing.  You’ve noticed there’s a serious lack of the photos I keep promising.  That’s because I’m not home a lot, and thus am not glued to a computer.  This is the first couple of days I’ve been able to just sit and catch up with emails and fart around on AIM.  This means I’ve done gone and got myself a life, dagnabbit.  Even when I am home, I’m not wanting to be online that much.  I don’t check blogs, I don’t read the news, I barely update on here, and emails and facebook are pretty much it as far as my net surfing goes.  I haven’t read livejournal in months.  And I just don’t care, which feels really weird.

I’m getting my stuff done, and while there’s a lot of cleaning left to do because I’ve been out of my own house for nearly a week straight, I went to pay my car insurance bill today and found that *gasp* I’d already done it.  Apparently, sometime over the past few months of being completely stressed out, I made some sort of transition into being a somewhat responsible adult (if slightly less eloquent…jeez, these paragraphs are funky).

And yeah, I’ll go ahead and admit that JB is much more than a friend, and has been for quite some time.  He started out as a friend, grew into a best friend, and things have just steadily progressed from there.  Blame him for my “life” – he lives out in the middle of nowhere, and when I go out there, internet and cell phone reception are slim to none, and the only things to do are hang around and watch TV or shoot at things.  I love it.  In fact, his parents got us a joint Christmas present:  a .22 plinker target.  They set it up on the 26th, and that night (yes, night), we set up a spotlight on it, set up a sawhorse as a stand, and had a shooting competition.  It was so much fun.

Aside from family gathering stuff, and meeting other families (dun dun dun), that’s about it.

Yeah, I’m going to put the only photo I currently have of the two of us on here…under a cut.

I’d spent the previous day puking my guts out, so I think I look pretty damned good, given the circumstances.  Anyway, here we are.

And I’m out again – lots to do, probably won’t be posting again for several days.  Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

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